Adidas Launch Hemp “Happy 420” Skateboarding Kicks (And You Can Hide Your Stash In Them)

Crafted from hemp, the new BAIT and Adidas “Happy 420” Skateboarding Stan Smith Vulc shoe has arrived in time to celebrate 420. “Shut up and take my money!”

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Hemp and cannabis have come into the spotlight in the fashion world, and not in the tie-dye hippie style of yore. A collab by BAIT and Adidas Skateboarding has resulted with Adidas Happy 420, a new Stan Smith Vulc shoe crafted from natural hemp.

Subtle humor

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The look of these high-quality kicks is an homage to medical marijuana on several levels. The hemp upper body has been heat-pressed with a pebble stone pattern in natural tones, including matching laces, that includes a smiling face on the side. The hint of being “stoned” and getting back to nature at the same time is cerebral and thought-provoking.

A closer look

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Take a closer look at the tags on the tongue and heel, and the correlations is even more pronounced. The tags look like medical marijuana tags you might see at a dispensary. Barcoded, with a dosage of 420mg at least once a day. Inside the shoe, the heel sticker provides the warning:

Adidas Skateboarding


Other features

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With a rough finish green suede heel to bring to mind the texture of finely manicured buds, and even a tongue pocket to hide your stash, this shoe represents cannabis pride with fashion and taste. The shoe isn’t emblazoned with big green leaves or red-eyed stoners because that isn’t what cannabis means to most people who use it. What these shoes allow you to do is improve the quality of your life. They give comfort to your body so you can live to the fullest. That is what cannabis means to enthusiasts today.

High-quality comfort

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Sure you might feel like you are walking on clouds, but that’s the idea. In that respect, this is the perfect homage to a plant that comforts so many. Just e cautions of police who read fashion magazines in their spare time, as that oh-so-subtle pocket might become an all too recognizable Achilles heel.

Want a pair?

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If you have fallen in love with these shoes as fast as I have, you want to shout “Shut up and take my money!” The Happy 420 Stan Smith can’t be simply purchased, however. In order to score a pair of these elite Adidas, you have to first enter a raffle to WIN the opportunity to buy them, at $120 a pair. I guess they decided to make the purchasing of the shoes reminiscent of getting medical cannabis too… jumping through hoops.

Would you rock a pair of these high-end hemp shoes? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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April 15, 2016
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Made in Los Angeles and Toronto