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Professional Athletes Are Telling Everyone Why They #LoveCBD

In a mission to bring awareness about healthy living with cannabis, professional athletes have joined up with one CBD company to tell us why they #LoveCBD.

What do you get when you mix professional athletes, Valentine’s Day, and CBD? Answer – you get a hilarious campaign focused on encouraging health and wellness with CBD while getting a glimpse into the softer side of the world’s toughest athletes. One Colorado hemp oil producer recently launched #LoveCBD with a variety of pro athletes and the results are amazing.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is generally in the news as a miracle cure for diseases and conditions like epilepsy, cancer, and PTSD to name a few. While these stories serve to provide hope to often desperate families, they can also be heavy on the heart.

Receptra Naturals decided to change the storyline this Valentine’s Day. To do this, the company enlisted the help of UFC hall-of-famer, Bas Rutten, former NFL players Charlie Adams and Demetrin Veal, former NHL player Riley Cote, and MMA fighter Ian Heinisch.

Each athlete took to their social media accounts and posted their reason for loving CBD. Some expected the athletes to take a serious approach to their posts, but they decided to be cute instead.

Research and education

As more and more people make the decision to consume non-psychoactive CBD products, consumers are voicing their opinions more clearly. #LoveCBD is focused on having fun, but also on bringing awareness to the needs and desires of CBD users. CBD producers, like Receptra Naturals, are curious about what you want!

Your input in opportunities like these will help to create safer and more effective products all designed to improve your quality of life!

CBD for free

athletes cbd 3 Professional Athletes Are Telling Everyone Why They #LoveCBD
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Receptra Naturals is dedicated to providing natural health and wellness to its customers through its pure CBD hemp products. The company is curious to find out why everyone love’s CBD, they also want to share the love with you.

The campaign asks its participants to follow Receptra on social media, either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Then use #LoveCBD in a social media post of your own. Upon completing these tasks, you are entered to win a free container of Receptra Naturals Body Butter.

Join the #LoveCBD movement today, and help to support CBD research and development.

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