The Smoothest Strains For Coughless Sessions

Smooth strains with powerful effects for a mellow and cough-free high.

We all have our favorite strains; some prefer them strong, others a little smoother or somewhere in between. The great thing about the cannabis world is that there are options for all preferences.

Plus there are times when you don’t feel like coughing up a lung while enjoying a good strain and it’s delicious high. This is where strains that are known to be quite smooth going down our throats take center stage without losing the good effects we expect to enjoy.

Does It Depend If It Is Indica Or Sativa?

Well, the truth is that it’s a bit more complex than simply saying whether a strain is indica, hybrid, or sativa, as any of the strains offer a variety of mild and strong options to choose from, so none of these labels is a good indicator that the cannabis won’t make you cough.

So if you’re looking for a nice smooth option, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at some of these strains.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of the favorite strains on the market, and for very good reasons. It is a strain with delicious berry flavors, and a potent high that contrasts with its mellow nature.

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain is appreciated by rookies and connoisseurs alike because it provides balanced effects, with a smooth and manageable experience.

Its THC content is around 15-25%, being a strain with a high content of the psychoactive compound, its experience is actually balanced and peaceful. It also enters smoothly with a delicious inhalation of berry flavors.

Big Smooth

Maybe just from the name alone, you know what this strain is all about. Big Smooth is an Indica-dominant hybrid that generates smooth effects while you can take big, cloudy hits without feeling overwhelmed or throat-clearing.

Big Smooth is a fun and interesting choice that provides a relaxing and sleepy high while enjoying its fruity flavor in big clouds of smoke.

In small doses, it is ideal for beginners who want to forget about the world and relax.

This Indica-dominant hybrid has a particular aroma and sweet taste, like freshly baked blueberry pancakes. Each puff is as smooth as a cloud, making it easy to consume in large quantities.


Tangie is one of the smoothest strains you can find on the cannabis market. 

Its genetics have a bit of Skunk in them, which makes its flavors and aroma citrusy and pungent, but don’t let this intimidate you, it is a smooth strain full of citrus flavor that is quite enjoyable while taking potent hits.

This is a sativa strain that will give you an energy boost, full of fruity flavors and a shot of energy to start your mornings with the best attitude.

Green Crack

The Green Crack strain is a sativa variety that offers herbal aromas and smooth and pleasant smoking sessions.

It is an ideal strain for daytime use due to its highly energizing effects, which make it the perfect wake-and-bake.

Green Crack is known for its incredible taste and aroma. An easy on the lungs and throat strain that is enjoyed by beginners and experienced stoners alike.


Harlequin is a CBD-rich cannabis strain. This combination of low THC and high CBD can make Harlequin one of the best alternatives for mellow smokes.

Harlequin is a unique sativa. It is known to be a smooth weed, perfect for those who are new to cannabis and want to have pleasant experiences where the taste of cannabis is enjoyed without overwhelming the throat.

The Harlequin experience will make you feel pleasantly relaxed with copious amounts of mental clarity and a positive yet euphoric mood that calms the mind.


How To Smoke Without Coughing

Now that you have your extra smooth strain, you must smoke it using a proper device with coughless tech. Picture it. You can take deep hits and fill your lungs with zero irritation from now on.

These devices will provide the smoothest smoke to enjoy cannabis without coughing.

Reduce Your Coughs With Weedgets' Maze-X Pipe

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The Maze-X is the peak of smooth smoke production when it comes to pipes. This masterpiece by Weedgets has a waterless filtration and smoke-cooling system that you won’t find anywhere else.

The engineers and designers at Weedgets came up with a maze filter system that traps resin and tar before reaching your mouth. Besides, They used anodized aluminum to make the maze. This material and the maze design cool the smoke through its path. Thus, every hit is a fresh touch that won’t hurt your throat or lungs.

Moreover, the Maze-X Pipe has a carb hole that allows you to control the airflow while smoking. This feature enhances the cooling power of the maze path. The result is the smoothest smoke you have ever had.

And don’t forget to clean it, as all the debris stays in the maze path. Fortunately, you can separate all the parts of the Maze-X Pipe, making it easy to clean.

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