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strains | 10.19.2020

Critical Mass Marijuana Strain

Critical Mass is an Indica marijuana strain known for its relaxing effects. Critical Mass has earthy Kush flavors and aromas and will leave even the most experienced marijuana enthusiasts feeling heavy-lidded and sleepy.

Critical Mass’ buds are so large and heavy they break branches. Novice growers will have an easy time with this Indica. Novice consumers, however, may find the powerful body high a little intense. Cannabis enthusiasts will want to hold off until the evening to enjoy this strain, as its heavy sedative effects can put some right to sleep.


Critical Mass Strain Experience

As an indica, Critical Mass produces some strong physical sensations. If you’re the type that holds stress as muscle tension, this strain can certainly help you relax. The high from this herb is extremely physical. Drowsy and heavy-lidded, this strain can induce couch lock in high doses. The strong body high can last up to a couple of hours, making this Indica the perfect choice for a movie night.

In moderate doses, however, Critical Mass provides a nice balance between physical sedation and happy, gleeful euphoria. The sativa effects shine through with a serious mood boost. The overall combination is a slow and mellow strain with a bright and elated twist. In low doses, you might find that this strain promotes an expansive, creative euphoria.

It’s a good idea to have some snacks on hand before sitting down with this strain. Critical Mass has a reputation for inspiring the munchies. About midway through the experience, you may find yourself ready for a nice nap or some quality time in front of the TV.

There is also a high-CBD version of this strain, with 1:1 or 1:2 ratios of THC:CBD. This variety is a cross between the original Critical Mass and another high-CBD strain. The result is an Indica that grows equally as vigorous as the high-THC version.


Traits of Critical Mass and Critical Mass Seeds

Critical Mass is an indica cross between Afghani and legendary Skunk No. 1. Afghani is a pure indica, and it is responsible for the heavily sedative effects of Critical Mass. Skunk No. 1, on the other hand, is a cheerful sativa-dominant hybrid. The cross between the two resulted in a heavy bodied but mentally light flower.

This strain earned its name from the incredible high-yields it produces. The flowers on this plant are so huge that branches are known to snap in half.  A new take on the cash crop Big Bud, Critical Mass is an excellent strain for new growers hoping for a good first run.

It’s also decently potent, making it a popular choice for farmers and consumers alike. On average, Critical Mass reaches up to 22% THC.

While Critical Mass is well known in the cannabis community for its effects, it has a pleasant herbal and earthy taste with hints of sweetness. The flavors are reflected in this strains aroma, making it a pleasant experience for enthusiasts.The Skunk heritage adds some pungent, sweet musk to the mix, giving this strain a tinge of an aged mango feel. More than anything, though, you may notice a classic earthy kush taste inherited from Afghani.


Medical Benefits of Critical Mass

This strain’s combination of THC and CBD content means it has many medical applications.

  • Medical consumers tend to use this strain for pain management
  • Critical Mass may also help muscle spasms
  • Those with insomnia will appreciate the drowsy, heavy-lidded nature of this strain
  • Patients dealing with migraines pick Critical Mass for pain relief
  • It can stimulate appetite and offer relief from nausea

With a THC content of up to 22 percent, patients often find that this herb has powerful sedative effects. Medical marijuana patients who are less experienced may want to watch out for Critical Mass’ combination of THC content and heavy body buzz, as it can be quite potent for the uninitiated.

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