Fortune Cookies Marijuana Strain

Fortune Cookies is a potent Sativa-dominant strain which combines a creative head high with a sedative body high, leading to a trancelike experience.

Fortune Cookies Weed; Fortune Cookies Cannabis Strain; Fortune Cookies Hybrid Marijuana Strain

Fortune Cookies is a powerful Sativa-driven Hybrid marijuana strain that comes from two-star parents, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. The result, according to enthusiasts, is tremendous: a powerfully uplifting creative mental high matched with an engaging body buzz. Depending on the dose, this cannabis will either give you a relaxed trance state or a heavy-duty couch-lock. Smells just like the name, also.


Fortune Cookies Experience

When you breed two of the most popular strains in North America, good weed will probably happen. And that’s the case with Fortune Cookies, the child of OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. It offers an enchanting mix of its parents’ characteristics, with a combination of a creative cerebral high and a plush, sedative body buzz. And, given that this weed tests at between 20-26% THC, the effects are not subtle. As with all powerful strains, consumers should treat it with respect.

Enthusiasts, upon consuming this weed, will very quickly notice a potent headrush, of the uplifting and hypnotizing Sativa kind. Thoughts will bounce all over the place, and mental associations will become looser. You’ll get euphoric, and you might get a little giddy. As this cannabis continues its magic, the body high sets in, which is of the variety you might expect from a Kush child: anesthetic, hypnotic, intense. Depending on your dose, this will either keep you focused on your surroundings or just absolutely lock you down. These properties make it a marijuana more suitable for an imaginative trance than a wander around the neighborhood.

This cannabis is routinely available in shatter form, but vape cartridges aren’t currently sold.


Traits of Fortune Cookies and Fortune Cookies Seeds

This marijuana strain, in terms of appearance, clearly displays its Kush parentage, with a deep green color enlivened by bright red pistils. The buds are sticky and trichome-heavy. However, the smell is an unexpectedly fragrant blast of sweetness and yeasty earth notes, an aroma which is, in fact, extremely reminiscent of fortune cookies. Once ignited, this weed produces an addictively sweet, smooth smoke that won’t make you cough up a lung.


Medical Benefits of Fortune Cookies

These fortunes are filled with good news for medical marijuana patients, as this strain can help them combat a number of symptoms and other ailments.

  • Anaesthetic effects may be helpful for patients dealing with chronic pain or minor aches.
  • Euphoric effects could come in handy for patients with mild depression or other mood disorders.
  • Quite sedative cannabis, potentially useful in the case of insomnia or anxiety.
February 13, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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February 13, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Dan Ophaug

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