Sugar Cookie Weed; Sugar Cookie Cannabis Strain; Sugar Cookie Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 01.01.2022

Sugar Cookie Marijuana Strain

Sugar Cookie is an Indica-dominant Hybrid that hits enthusiasts with a powerful sedative high, creating a mellow state of mind and/or unconsciousness.

Despite its gentle-sounding name, Indica-dominant hybrid Sugar Cookie is a heavy-hitter. It’s a blend of Crystal Gayle, Blue Hawaiian, and Sensi Star, and it’ll lull you into a deep sleep after hours of an extremely sedative body high. Along with an appealingly sweet smell, this marijuana also has some anesthetic effects, making it an all-around great medicinal choice.


Sugar Cookie Experience

Unlike just about every other strain with “cookie” in the name, this Indica-dominant Hybrid doesn’t have anything to do with Girl Scout Cookies. Instead, it’s named for its flavor profile, as well as, perhaps, the sweetness of the high it delivers, which is powerful, pillowy, and sedative. At 20-26% THC, this strain isn’t to be trifled with. Novice smokers should approach with caution, lest a potentially soothing experience become totally overwhelming.

Shortly after ingestion or ignition, this marijuana produces a profound sense of full-body relaxation, along with a happy hum and tons of drowsiness. While you might not immediately lapse into unconsciousness, you’ll probably find yourself horizontal and gazing into space, letting relief wash over you. As well, you may find minor aches and pains disappearing completely, or at least feeling much less important.

This marijuana is available in shatter form from a number of retailers. No vape cartridges yet, although, strangely enough, Nugg delivers cartridges called “Sugar Cookie” that feature no THC and high CBD. This is apparently just a coincidence.


Traits of Sugar Cookie and Sugar Cookie Seeds

This weed is pale green, lumpy, and features a generous dusting of clear trichomes. They’re quite resinous, and busting them up might take awhile. The smell, as you’d expect, is pretty cookie-like. Specifically, it smells quite a bit like shortbread, although there are faint berry overtones as well. The smoke is smooth and sweet.


Medical Benefits of Sugar Cookie

While we wouldn’t recommend actual sugar cookies as medicine, medical marijuana patients often turn to this herb to find relief from a number of ailments.

  • Potent sedative properties may be effective for patients suffering from chronic insomnia
  • Potentially helpful for patients with stress issues, given its relaxant high
  • Hunger-inducing effects could be useful in treating patients with appetite issues

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