The pen versus table top vaporizer debate has been going on since both products hit the market, with no clear winner in sight. While there are pros and cons to both, we think vaporizer pens have some clear distinguishing factors that make them a must-have for every marijuana enthusiast.

They’re Portable

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Considering their small size, coupled with the fact that they are completely wireless, pens are the ideal product for the on-the-go stoner. Can you imagine carrying your table top vaporizer with you to the corner store? That would be one heavy and inconvenient “trip”.

They’re Discreet

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If you’re looking to keep a low profile while vaping, then the vape pen is your best bet. To anyone who’s unfamiliar with marijuana and its related products, it’ll simply appear to be your run-of-the-mill pen.

They’re Easy to Use

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While vape pens offer fewer settings than your table top vaporizer, that same simplicity is exactly what makes them so easy to use. If you aren’t experienced with vaporizers, you’ll still be able to figure out how to work a vaporizer pen— even without an instruction manual.

They’re Easy on the Wallet

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A quality table top vaporizer can cost upwards of $600, while a top-of-the-line vape pen will cost (at most) around $200. Imagine all the weed you can purchase with the money you save, just by foregoing the tabletop option!

They Get the Job Done

For all the talk about quality and efficiency, vaporizer pens can be just as good at getting you high as the tabletop variety. They’re compatible with most materials, including waxes, oils, or even dry herbs (which we’re seeing more of in the market)—so don’t worry about them not being as effective as tabletop vapes.


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