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Learn | 05.01.2022

Are There Benefits To Vaping Cannabis?

Vaping has become one of the most frequently and widely used methods of consuming cannabis and hemp-derived products.

For many ages, man constructed a relationship with cannabis-based on its inhalation via smoke. Even though we made advances and continued expanding methods and ways in which we could enjoy the benefits of flowers, it wasn’t until fairly recently that vaping took the lead as the most innovative and convenient way of getting high.

Vapers come from all walks of life. The industry itself has revolutionized how many consume nicotine, flavors, and even hemp. Now, even though there may be some unknown or less studied adverse effects that we will still need more time to unlock, the power of vaping has taken the world by surprise, and it’s more common than not to see fat clouds of vapor ripping through the air everywhere we go.

We’re not interested in the benefits and effects of general vaping but those associated with cannabis and hemp vaporizers. There are many incredible options out there, but we are sure that Eureka Vapor is one of the best brands, and their focus is based on you, the consumer.

About Eureka Vapor

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Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

Companies that commit to excellence and find inspiration in their consumers are the best! Eureka Vapor has committed and driven to become one of the most premium and innovative brands since its foundation in 2011.

Eureka is known as one of the vaping pioneers due to the amount of vanguard technology they have developed and put into their devices, carts, and processes. You know you’re in for success when you have products that combine top-tier flowers and advanced techniques.

We necessarily have to look at the flower that Eureka curates if we’re to see the incredible vape products offered for what they are. Those strains and carefully harvested buds are one of the main reasons behind the success and potency of the oils and carts we can use for vaping.

Vaping, Explained

Vaping or vaporizing is an inhalation method of consumption, much like smoking, where the actual difference falls behind the type of material used to create the vapor and the way it is heated. In essence, both these methods may seem very similar, but the only thing they share is how our bodies absorb those smokes or vapors by inhalation through the lungs.

Rather than using a lighter to spark up the rolled flower or full bowl, vaporizers use heating elements of different kinds to take the liquid form to vapor. Rather than producing smoke, vaporizers heat the matter until it creates a smooth and powerful vapor that can be inhaled.

There are dramatic differences and benefits behind vaporizing when comparing it to smoking specifically. There are other benefits that do not take smoking into account, but that also add to the reasons why vaping is so popular and comfortable.

What Benefits Are Associated With Vaping?

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Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

There are some advantages and benefits to vaping that must be discussed with a critical eye, as there are many unknown or lesser-known adverse effects. Let’s explore some of the known benefits of vaping. At the end of the exercise, you’ll have more information and tools to determine if it’s the correct choice.

Vaping Cannabis And Hemp-Derived Products Is More Discreet

Even though cannabis might be one of the milder or less harmful substances, it is one of the loudest and harshest smelling ones out there as well. Anyone that has tried to spark up a blunt knows how fast and strong the smell is easily dispersed in the environment, which has been the case for many that get fined at a hotel room, event, or on the street.

Vaping, however, is one of the most discreet ways of getting high. Regardless of the product you choose, the cannabinoid you want to get high on, or the flavor you go with, you will not leave the place stank up with marihuana. Vaporizers do not have the same characteristic smell of cannabis, except if you vaporize dry herb, which in any case still has a less powerful scent.

Vaping Is More Affordable And More Flexible!

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One of the main reasons vaping has quickly climbed the ladder and is now one of the preferred methods of consumption is how affordable it is. On top of that, products are carefully curated, tailored, and labeled for the user to have a better understanding of what the user experience will be like.

In that regard, even though marihuana has very high flexibility and dynamism, there are certain added benefits that vapes have. Just like flowers, vapes will have varying costs and types, but with so many on the market, it is easier to get something for a fair price without fearing getting ripped off by your dealer.

Do take care anyway, there are many out there trying to counterfeit, fake, or even sell lower quality products. Always take care! Fortunately, you know Eureka Vapor produces top-quality vaporizers and carts that will give you the time of your life, guaranteed.

Vaping is Easier, More Convenient, and Offers a Stackable High

Instead of having to find a secluded corner to grind and roll up your herb to later spark with the care that you’re away from prying eyes, vaping allows discreet and convenient use practically anywhere. That’s a huge benefit that vaping has over rolling and smoking, but on top of that, you can add a layer or two of ‘’high’’ by taking an additional puff or two as your experience progresses.

When you smoke you basically have to stick to the planned dosage, which is whatever you packed in a bowl or rolled in a joint. If you didn’t have enough it’s time for a little extra work, you gotta roll up again or pack another bowl, and some honestly have had enough of that.

With vaping, you can conveniently take a hit now, wait a few minutes, and adjust continuously! Of course, vape pens also run out, at which case you go take another one from your stash, and as simple as that, you’re ready to go.

There Are Reduced Health Risks To Vaping

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Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

Of course, putting substances in your body will affect your health, integrity, and safety. However, it is known that vaping has fewer carcinogens and chemicals that can ultimately damage your body and mind, which is why it may be considered a healthier option for those unwilling to stop inhaling their cannabinoids.

If you’re to compare the number of unwanted substances we put into our bodies when smoking with those vaping products, you’d probably never light a blunt again. Like we’ve said before, at the end of the road it’s a personal choice, joints are tastier and more social, but vaping has an edge over smoking and that’s that.

What Should I Vape?

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After showcasing some of the benefits of vaping over smoking, the real question is: what should I vape? Even if there are known benefits to vaping, and it has several advantages over the more traditional method of smoking, it all comes down to what it is you’re putting into your body.

Eureka Vapor produces some of the finest vapes and cartridges out there, you know for sure that what you consume is safer and healthier than smoking flowers. That’s not necessarily the case with other products in the market that may end up being more harmful or even toxic.

Eureka produces these sexy vape cartridges that are available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid variants for you to choose according to what you’re used to and love. Each cartridge features 90%+ total cannabinoids with a potency of around 80-90% THC!

These 0.5 g or 1g cartridges are tasty and pack a punch. Simply screw one onto any 510 threaded compatible battery and prepare for the ride of your lifetime!

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