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Learn | 03.07.2023

Are Blunts Worse Than Cigarettes?


The different ways of smoking cannabis have been famous for many reasons, they are all different although they have certain similarities. Simply explained: blunts consist of marijuana wrapped in tobacco leaves, while joints consist of marijuana wrapped in rolling papers and cigarettes, well you know what a cigarette is.

While smoking a blunt can be tasty and provide a unique mental experience, you are adding to the experience the effects of tobacco, for both the good side and the bad side.

It’s simple logic, if blunts are made from tobacco products, they share many of the same health risks as cigarettes. But are blunts worse than cigarettes considering they technically contain less tobacco? We did some research, and here’s what we found.

Are Blunts Worse Than Cigarettes?

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While there are marked differences between tobacco and cannabis, one thing they share is that the smoke they produce is harmful to people’s lungs. No matter the contents of the wrapping paper, the fact that a person is ingesting ash is harmful and could have repercussions later in life.

Blunts and cigarettes have some things in common. Both products contain tobacco, the dangers of which are now widely known around the world. Tobacco is not only addictive, but also carcinogenic. In fact, tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 different chemical compounds.

At least 72 of these compounds are known to contribute to cancer. Every time tobacco is smoked, the risk of cancer and other diseases increases. This is true whether it is in blunt or cigarette form.

By the simple fact of containing more tobacco and chemicals, cigarettes are already more harmful. But in terms of quantifying whether or not blunts are worse than cigarettes, if you are choosing to smoke one over the other, there are a few different factors to consider:


Blunts are consumed less frequently than cigarettes. But truth be told, cigarettes probably damage more tissue simply because most people smoke far more cigarettes than marijuana.



It is important to consider that cigarettes are not just paper and tobacco, but also many chemical additives to make them burn “properly.” Marijuana does not usually contain these chemical additives, but may contain other equally harmful substances placed intentionally or inadvertently.

If you are filling your blunt with pure weed, you inevitably reduce the amount of tobacco you are consuming. In addition, research suggests that cannabis is not equally carcinogenic. Although cannabis smoke contains many of the same toxins as tobacco smoke, the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant behave very differently than the nicotine found in tobacco.

In fact, cannabis compounds have been found to have anti-cancer properties. Nicotine, however, may actually promote cancer growth.

The Way You Smoke Them

Basically, blunts and cigarettes are inhaled differently. Cigarette smoke should be held in the mouth and then exhaled. This is not how a blunt is smoked. With a blunt, users inhale deep into the lungs, a full diaphragmatic inhalation, and tend to hold it in longer.

How Many Cigarettes Are Equivalent To One Blunt?

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According to some studies, it could be said that a joint is equivalent to a little more than an eighth or half of a cigarette, assuming that a cigarette contains between 10 and 15 milligrams of nicotine and depending on the strength of its wrapper. Although this measurement is not completely accurate.

Other Options

If there’s one thing we love about the world of cannabis, it’s that the possibilities are almost endless. That’s why there will always be alternatives for all preferences, no matter what they are.

If cannabis with a slight tobacco flavor is your thing and you’re comfortable assuming the risks of consumption associated with it, maybe blunts are for you. Blunt wraps come from tobacco leaves. They give your high a spike of energy, but they also make the smoke rougher and overpower the flavor of your flower.

If you definitely love tobacco and weed you can put it all together in a Spliff, they are similar to joints, except they contain cut tobacco mixed with cannabis inside the rolling paper. This helps ensure that they burn evenly and don’t self-extinguish in the middle of a session. They tend to be harsher because of the mix.

But this is not the end of the options, there is also something called Cannagars. In fact, they have existed for some time but only now they have regained their moment of fame thanks to Purple Rose Supply, a company that specialized in Cannagars that gives you all the tools to make them.

Basically, a Cannagar is weed wrapped in weed. That is, instead of using a wrap of tobacco leaves or some other wrapper, the same leaves of cannabis or hemp are used. The advantage of this method is that you get cleaner and purer smokes, plus they are characterized by their long duration. Once you try them, you won’t go back to any other way of smoking.

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The Final Verdict

Ultimately, the choice between cigarettes and blunts is not so clear-cut. Blunts may be slightly preferable because they reduce the total amount of tobacco consumed and are not consumed as frequently as cigarettes. And of course, because they have weed, which we love.

However, it will depend on each person’s preferences and the important thing is to know the benefits and risks of each. Even knowing different options such as Cannagars or Spliff. Versatility allows you to enjoy cannabis in different ways.

The conclusion? If you’re going to inhale something, the safest bet is pure cannabis and the best way to do it is with a Cannagar. Purple Rose Supply offers you all the tools to roll your own cannagar like a boss and here we teach you how to do it.

The advantage is that you would only be consuming cannabis in its cleanest form, with no tobacco additions which has been scientifically proven to be more detrimental to overall health. The final decision is up to each person and their preferences, our recommendation is to always go for the cleaner bet.

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