Have asthma? Live in Los Angeles? You might be in luck. A cannabis-based pharmaceutical company is putting the herb to the test for respiratory conditions. The small-scale trial study is now accepting applications for interested participants. And the best part? Your equipment and medication is free. If you have asthma, you should apply for this cannabis study. 

A new cannabis study

asthma patients apply cannabis study plant If You Have Asthma You Need To Apply For This Cannabis Study
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California-based Cannabis Science Inc. is looking for 20 to 25 guinea pigs to participate in an asthma and COPD trial study. The company hopes that the results from this initial trial will lead to a larger trial in the future. Study participants will receive a free metered dose inhaler (MDI) that delivers various cannabinoid concentrations.

An MDI is a device like a typical inhaler. It delivers a measured spray of medication in an aerosol form. The inhaler will provide up to  100 to 200 targeted doses. As the project moves forward, each dose will deliver 10mg, 25mg, and up to 100mg of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

Cannabis and lung health

asthma patients apply cannabis study lung diagram If You Have Asthma You Need To Apply For This Cannabis Study
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We have reported on cannabis and lung health before. Though many believe that cannabis is detrimental to lung health, epidemiological research suggests that compounds in the plant may actually promote respiratory health. This new trial is proof that it’s not just cannabis enthusiasts that believe the herb can help those with lung diseases.

Cannabis Science Inc.’s CEO Raymond Dabney explains,

Many studies have been done and proven that the Cannabis compounds do indeed aid lung function and Cannabis Science is proud to be the one of the first to offer these types products to the people in the States where it is legal. We believe our new nebulizer medication as well as our CBIS MDI Rescue Inhaler will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of medications for Asthma/COPD suffers and the many other targeted ailments throughout the United States and worldwide. – Dabney

This inhaler is a major step toward the canna-pharmaceuticals. But, many asthma and COPD patients have already found relief from the plant. Extracted cannabis oils like Rick Simpson Oil have helped people come off of COPD medications after years of use. In other anecdotal reports, patients with emphysema found relief with homemade cannabis tinctures.

Dabney and his team are certainly onto something. Yet, these trials begin after decades of claims from patients who have simply grown the plant in their own homes. Patients can also purchase an inhaler-like vaporizer for their herb already.

While some hard, clinical evidence on whether or not cannabis works as asthma treatment is necessary, the move toward cannabis-pharmaceuticals over nationwide legalization is sure to be offputting to some.

For more information about the study, take a look at the Cannabis Science website. You can also contact the company here. They will be accepting asthma, COPD, and patients with other respiratory issues for the trial. You must live in Los Angeles, California.

Do you use cannabis for a respiratory condition? Have you ever taken part in a cannabis study? Share your story with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!