Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Cherry Pie Weed; Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain; Cherry Pie Indica Marijuana
17% THC 0.3% CBD

Cherry Pie is a Hybrid marijuana strain sometimes known as Cherry Kush. This strain is excellent for managing stress disorders, leaving marijuana enthusiasts feeling relaxed, happy and uplifted.

Pain Relief
Muscle Spasms

Cherry Pie is a sweet, tart hybrid — the perfect way to relax at the end of the day. Indica-dominant, this strain features moderate THC levels and is an easy choice for novice growers.


Cherry Pie Experience

Cherry Pie is a clone-only strain popular on the West Coast of the United States. Many claim that Cherry Pie is a cross between Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. This strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s best known for producing a cerebral high coupled with a smooth, heavy body sensation. This strain is potent but isn’t too heavy on the THC. Levels tend to hover between 15 and 18%, making it a good choice for newer marijuana consumers.


Traits of Cherry Pie and Cherry Pie Experience

Marijuana experts will immediately recognize this strain by its signature scent: a strong sweet berry, tart cherry aroma coupled with a subtle earthiness. No wonder where the name cherry pie came from. These aromas are mirrored in the strain’s sweet cherry and berry flavors, which will have cannabis enthusiasts clamoring for more. The smooth smoke is easy to handle on the inhale, while the exhale reveals some toasted flavors to real marijuana connoisseurs. Those worried about discretion should be warned, this strain is pretty potent when combusted.

Tightly curled leaves are a signature of Indica marijuana, and this strain is no exception. Bright orange pistils streak their way through green leaves and are coated in translucent trichomes, which make these nugs shimmer in the right light.


Medical Benefits of Cherry Pie

This strain won’t knock you out quite like other Indicas. Rather, expect a long, slow, functional sedation, which makes it a popular choice for medical marijuana patients.

  • Patients tend to like this strain for muscle spasms, stress, and insomnia
  • Those with PTSD symptoms may find this strain helps to manage their ailments
  • Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and other stress-related disorders can also be helped by this strain