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Find The Perfect Strain To Match Your Lifestyle

Finding a strain that's perfect for you is hard. Here are five premium strains designed to match any lifestyle, mood, or activity. Created with Canndescent.

Cannabis goes great with so many moods and activities – it’s a big part of why we love the plant so much. Looking to relax and unwind after a long day at work or school? Smoke a little bud and chill out.

Want to get the creative juices flowing before a jam session or sitting down to paint? Cannabis can be a muse that stimulates your artistic side and unlocks the creative inside of you. How about a little pick me up before going to the gym or out for a run? A few tokes can help motivate you to feel the burn.

There are so many different strains out there – each one with its unique benefits. Finding the strain that’s right for your lifestyle can be complicated, but Canndescent makes it easy! Their line of premium artisanal flower is made to fit your needs, whatever they may be. Keep reading to find out which one is right for you.

What Is Canndescent?

Photo courtesy of Canndescent

Canndescent is a purveyor of high-end cannabis that caters to both the everyday consumer and those looking for a top-shelf ultra-premium experience. They start by using in-house genetics to grow their signature five strains, which they call “effects.” These proprietary seeds are grown using purified water with organic pest management techniques in strain-specific environments to create beautiful plants that produce insanely high-quality buds. 

Next, the plants are cured and dried for a month before being meticulously hand-trimmed. Each bud is picked by the stem and never comes into human contact until you, the retail customer, opens the glass jar. This helps preserve the integrity of the trichomes, which translates to more terps and better flavor.

Each of Canndescent’s five effects are grown indoors, under carefully monitored conditions with an eco-friendly setup. In fact, Canndescent boasts pioneering the cannabis industry’s first commercial-scale solar project. Up to 30% of their energy needs are met by clean, renewable solar, helping the earth provide the gift of cannabis for future generations. 

The Five Effects

The five effects Canndescent currently has available are: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. Keep reading to learn more about each one and find the Effect that best fits your lifestyle.


Photo courtesy of Canndescent

The first strain on the docket is Calm, a relaxing night-time flower. This sedating strain is perfect before bedtime for those looking to get a restful night’s sleep. 

Are you someone with chill vibes who’s ready to kick back and relax? Try rolling up with these tranquil buds and feel the stress of the day melt away.

This strain is also an excellent choice for those looking to assuage their aches and pains with cannabis, as it relaxes both mind and body. Experience the feeling of serenity washing over you and access your happy place with Canndescent’s Calm.


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Turn on cruise control and coast breezily through your day. Cruise by Canndescent helps to relax your mind and stimulate your body so that you can effectively handle whatever life throws your way. 

This uplifting day-time strain cradles you in its arms and gingerly whisks you through the day. Perfect for those who want a manageable buzz, but don’t want to end up groggy and unfocused. Try Cruise before exploring your state’s hiking trails, or going on a peaceful bike ride. Stay active while maintaining tranquility with Cruise.


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This one goes out to all the artists, musicians, and poets reading this. Cannabis can be a great way to jump-start creativity. The psychedelic experience has been known to open people up to novel ideas, and creatives have been using it as a muse for centuries. 

Canndescent Create is the perfect bud to smoke before band practice. This stimulating strain produces a heady effect and helps unlock the power of the imagination. If you’re someone who uses their creative side, whether for business or the arts, then this is the strain for you.


Photo courtesy of Canndescent

Enjoying cannabis is great by yourself, but it’s even better when it’s shared with close friends and loved ones. Canndescent Connect is best enjoyed with other people. Bring a pre-roll to your next session and make some memories that will last a lifetime. Nothing brings us closer together than cannabis.

Connect is great for more intimate settings as well. This titillating strain stimulates the body and is the perfect addition to a romantic evening. Light up with a lover and take date night to the next level. 


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Canndescent created Charge for those of us who are always on the move, always looking for the next thing, those of us in perpetual motion. Busy business professionals and haggard students on the go need cannabis that won’t put them to sleep or zap their energy. Charge is the perfect strain for doers.

This energizing strain is best enjoyed by those with places to go and people to see. Start checking boxes on your to-do list with Charge.

Which Effect Will You Pick?

Photo courtesy of Canndescent

Canndescent’s effects line has something for everyone. Are you an artist who’s going to try Create? Are you thinking about picking up some Connect as a special treat to share with your partner? 

Remember, as people, we are dimensional. You might find that you want different effects at different times. Maybe you’re a Charge during the week but a Calm during the weekends. Try all the options offered by Canndescent to discover which one’s work best for your unique needs.

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