Plushberry Marijuana Strain

20% thc0.2% cbd

Sensual, sweet, and pink, the Plushberry cannabis strain is a real eye-catcher. Pick up this delight for a romantic, stress-free evening.

AnorexiaAnxietyDepressionHeadachesInsomniaLack Of AppetiteMigrainesPainStress

Seeking something arousing? Plushberry is an Indica-dominant Hybrid that may help spice things up in the bedroom. Mellow and relaxed, this strain will help you unwind, de-stress, and get in the mood. Featuring a sweet and spicy taste and adorned with dusky pink coloration, this flower is a sensual treat.


Plushberry Experience

This herb is a sexy Indica that’s sure to spice up your night. A little on the sedative side, this flower produces a tranquil high that can soothe the body and ease the mind.

While the name may sound cute, this strain produces a strong psychoactive sensation. Those new to cannabis may find it is just a little too sedative to be comfortable.

For those with a taste for the herb, however, this strain produces an all-around positive sense of wellbeing and chill vibe. A great recreational strain, this flower would be a great strain to take on a date or to bring along to a happy hour. In general, expect silly conversation with this bud when consumed in moderate doses.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Plushberry Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like The CO2 Company.
  • Plushberry shatter, Plushberry wax, and other Plushberry concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.


Traits of Plushberry and Plushberry Seeds

One of the most striking characteristics of this strain is its coloration. This plant can produce beautiful pink flowers, a rarity in the cannabis world. In a world dominated by greens and purples, this strain expresses dusky rose coloration that gives this flower some true shelf appeal.

Seeds are available through TGA Subcool Seeds.  A TGA Seeds cross between two well-known strains, Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen, this smooth hybrid has inherited a scrumptious blackberry taste and aroma.

Potent, this cannabis strain has also inherited the ability to produce a substantial amount of resin. Often featuring between 15 and 25 percent THC, this strain is recommended for moderate to experienced cannabis consumers.


Medical Benefits of Plushberry

More than just an arousing herb, however, this strain offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits to medical marijuana patients.

  • Medical marijuana consumers oft pick up this cannabis strain for stress relief.
  • While this strain is a bit on the sleepy side, it is relaxed and upbeat overall. Plushberry also makes for a good general pain-reliever.
  • When tension is ruining your day, bust this lady out for headaches or muscle aches and pains.