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Plushberry Marijuana Strain

Sensual, sweet, and pink, the Plushberry cannabis strain is a real eye-catcher. Pick up this delight for a romantic, stress-free evening.

Need some help getting in the mood? Plushberry is an arousing and relaxing indica sure to spice up your evening. Plushberry has an exotic earthy, berry aroma and features beautiful buds with deep forest tones and adorned with dusky pink coloration, making this flower is a sensual treat. A heavy THC producer, this strain may take some getting used to for novice consumers. For everyone else, however, Plushberry provides a calm, tranquil experience that makes just about any activity a little extra enjoyable.

Plushberry Experience

Plushberry is labeled as an indica, but this strain promotes some seriously chill vibes. A true Goldilocks, the high from Plushberry is just right, not too heavy and not too light, although those new to cannabis may find it is just a little too sedative to be comfortable. A true stress killer, this strain is fairly fast-acting and produces a calm, upbeat experience overall.

Though not as sedative as full indica strains like Afghan Kush, it will feel nice to sit with. For those with a taste for the herb, however, this strain produces an all-around positive sense of wellbeing and chill vibe. Those prone to anxiety might like this bud, as it produces calmness without causing uncomfortable mental fog in high doses. A strain that’s best enjoyed in the afternoon, this flower would be a great strain to take on a date or to bring along to a happy hour as it produces calmness without causing uncomfortable mental fog in high doses. In general, expect silly conversation with this bud when consumed in moderate doses.

With a slow and all-around happy high, it’s not surprising that many that this intoxicating flower helps inspire just the right sort of mood. Kind and calming, this is an all around A+ strain for recreation.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Plushberry Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like The CO2 Company.
  • Plushberry shatter, Plushberry wax, and other Plushberry concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.

Traits of Plushberry and Plushberry Seeds

Plushberry is a quirky cross between two notable modern hybrids, Black Cherry Soda and Space Queen. Classified as an indica, this is a mellow bud with some heavy-hitting effects. This strain has inherited glistening, blackberry-scented buds, covered in deliciously thick resin.

A high THC producer, the strain reportedly features between 15 and 25 percent of the psychoactive and is recommended for moderate to experienced cannabis consumers. Bred by TGA Genetics, this smooth hybrid features a strong yet relaxed vibe and has inherited a scrumptious blackberry taste and aroma with hints of sweet forest. This strain was TGA’s first venture into Kush genetics. The strain has grown in popularity over the past few years and is currently a popular strain in the Pacific Northwest.

One of the most striking characteristics of this strain is its coloration. This plant can produce beautiful pink flowers, a rarity in the cannabis world. In a world dominated by greens and purples, this strain expresses dusky rose coloration and glowing trichomes that gives this flower some true shelf appeal. Seeds are available through TGA Subcool Seeds.  

Medical Benefits of Plushberry

More than just an arousing herb, however, this strain offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits to medical marijuana patients.

  • Medical marijuana consumers oft pick up this cannabis strain for stress relief.
  • While this strain is a bit on the sleepy side, it is relaxed and upbeat overall. Plushberry also makes for a good general pain-reliever.
  • When tension is ruining your day, bust this lady out for headaches or muscle aches and pains.
  • Many find that Plushberry is also an awesome appetite stimulant.

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