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10 Best Dispensaries In West Hollywood

Here's where to buy the best bud in town.

West Hollywood is a cannabis playground. From the many consumption lounges to the eclectic dispensaries in spitting distance from the next.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know which is best? This might call for some trial and error. Instead of throwing your money at budtenders just to test if a product is worth it, check out our guide below on the best dispensaries in West Hollywood.

We’re happy to showcase the leading dispensaries around West Hollywood.

From the 10 options below, you won’t have a problem finding the best weed in California and maybe even the country.

The Artist Tree

Photo courtesy of The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd is much more than a dispensary.

It was WeHo’s second cannabis consumption lounge. Not only that, but the dispensary itself strives to offer consumers a different kind of shopping experience.


About The Artist Tree

Opening its doors in 2019, The Artist Tree has become one of the most popular destinations for purchasing and consuming cannabis.

While the dispensary sits on the main floor, the split-level consumption lounge permits smoking on the second floor and edibles only on the third floor.


Photo courtesy of The Artist Tree / rdc

The dispensary doubles as a high-end cannabis shop and art gallery.

The many contemporary and vibrant art pieces invite shoppers to browse at their own pace and feast their eyes on modern and dynamic art exhibits alongside the best cannabis products in the state.

The Artist Tree was one of the first dispensaries to acquire all possible cannabis business licenses in West Hollywood, from on-site consumption to delivery.

It’s an incredibly popular destination, with five additional dispensaries around California. But, for the true Artist Tree experience, we suggest stopping by its flagship location on Santa Monica Blvd.

Location: 8625 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069

Hours: Open daily 6 am – 9:50 pm

Phone: (310) 461 – 4134


The Woods

Photo courtesy of The Woods

The Woods is actor Woody Harrelson’s new dispensary and consumption lounge on Santa Monica Boulevard. It opened in May 2022 with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Inside, guests are greeted with a lovely boutique-meets-cabin feel. The zen space carries an array of products for recreational users and medical patients, from flower and edibles to vapes and concentrates.


Photo by Budberry

Budberry is another leading dispensary and consumption lounge in West Hollywood. It features:

  • An on-site dispensary with premium products
  • Easy delivery
  • A kitchen for culinary cannabis infusions

It’s an aesthetically pleasing space that extracts and infuses its products/dishes in the open-concept kitchen. Guests are free to use products in the lounge area, shop for more at the dispensary, and watch skilled chefs whip up some canna goodies.

Zen Healing

Photo courtesy of Zen Healing

Zen Healing is another high-end dispensary on Santa Monica Blvd.

They sell a vast selection of the best quality smokeable medications for medical patients and some potent goodies for recreational consumers. Zen carries a whopping 91 strains grown in the Emerald Triangle and invites you to experience the finest legacy cannabis products in California.


Photo courtesy of Calma

Located on La Brea Avenue, Calma‘s dispensary in West Hollywood is one of the most convenient dispensaries in the city, minutes away from Melrose Blvd, Runyon Canyon, and the Walk of Fame.

Affordability is the name of the game, letting you find easy access to the best products in the state without breaking the bank. Calma is proud to offer an immersive cannabis experience that betters the surrounding community and the cannabis industry at large.

Herbarium Weed Dispensary

Herbarium Weed Dispensary quickly became a staple shop in Los Angeles.

It’s a place for locals and tourists alike to find the best products for their wants and needs.

Its locations feature a grow room, joint rolling machine, oil capping machine, and even cannabis plants in their growth. At its location on La Brea Avenue, choose from high-quality pre-rolls, flower, tinctures, oils, topicals and drinks.

Cookies On Melrose

Photo courtesy of Cookies On Melrose

The Cookies brand was America’s first legal weed empire.

For such a reputable brand, you can trust that its dispensaries live up to the name.

Located on Melrose Avenue, this Cookies dispensary location is a modern breath of fresh air. Cookies represents a lifestyle of quality, excellence, and taste, as reflected in its dispensary layout and broad product selection.

Browsing through the shop’s high-end goods and various categories will make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Sweet Flower

Photo courtesy of Sweet Flower

Sweet Flower is one of the longest-serving legal dispensaries in Los Angeles and a trusted retailer in California.

Here, cannabis connoisseurs and beginner users will find everything they need for their preferred experience. Located on Melrose Avenue, this Sweet Flower location showcases a progressive, inviting, and sophisticated take on the cannabis culture.

Even better, the dispensary proudly promotes BIPOC brands like Viola, Pure Beauty, Ball Family Farms, and many more.

LAPCG (Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group)

Photo courtesy of LAPCG (Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group)

LAPCG on Santa Monica Blvd is one of the most reliable, consistent, and compassionate dispensaries around.

It’s a recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary with some of the nicest budtenders you can find in California.

The product selection won’t let you down, and the overall welcoming ambiance might prompt you to come again. The LAPCG team is dedicated to carefully curating its high-quality menu for your experience.

Serra Dispensary

Photo courtesy of Serra Dispensary

Located in the middle of the La Brea and Beverly Grove neighborhoods, Serra Dispensary is for the modern cannabis consumer looking for a chic place with all of their wants and needs.

The team prides itself in creating an inviting and sophisticated space for consumers who haven’t found their go-to dispensary just yet. It’s a thoughtful environment with artful design, carrying the leading cannabis products in California.

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