Cooking with cannabis is an art, especially since high heat can decrease the potency of the THC.

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5 Reasons The MagicalButter Machine Is A Must-Have When You’re Cooking With Cannabis

Keuring, Instant Pot, MagicalButter Machine — must-haves for the modern kitchen.

Life in the kitchen these days is a breeze, even if you lack an inner Gordon Ramsey. You have the Keurig, the godsend for coffee fiends that spits out fresh cups of coffee with a simple press of a button. Then, you have the Instant Pot, the most versatile kitchen appliance that can do everything from cooking rice to making yogurt. Devices like these save you not only time, but also counter space, and they cut back on your YouTube history to boot. But if you want to know the most magical kitchen appliance yet, especially if you have long dreamed of creating weed-infused meals and treats of your own, it’s the MagicalButter machine.

The MagicalButter machine is everything when it comes to baking with cannabutter. That’s because it quite literally does everything for you. To have a green and gorgeous stick of weed butter to call your own, which can then be used to make any edible under the sun, you only have to load the herb, press a button, and that’s it; the rest is on MB.

In more ways than one, the MagicalButter machine is a game-changer in the kitchen when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Best of all, you don’t have to be a pro at it, but even if you are, MB is going to make doing what you already know and love that much more of a cinch. Whether you’re an aspiring baker or the weed chef of all chefs, here are five reasons why the MagicalButter machine is the must-have kitchen appliance for cooking with weed.

1. The MagicalButter machine is easy to use and allows you to make cannabis butter

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Photo Courtesy of Magical Butter

Most tools in the kitchen require practice to master them entirely, but not the MagicalButter machine. Even if you’ve burnt a few Pop Tarts in your day, you can create the same potent and delicious sticks of cannabutter as the pros. Your only job is picking the right bud for the batch, and after decarboxylation, pouring it into the machine along with your favorite butter and some lecithin. Two button presses and two hours later, ta-da! You have weed-infused butter.

2. Cooking with cannabis oil is just a button press away

If you thought the Instant Pot was versatile, then you haven’t seen anything yet. Believe it or not, your not limited to just cannabutter with the MagicalButter machine. From edible healing salve to alfredo sauce to espresso vodka, the possibilities are endless. Every MB recipe is as equally painless as the next. Not to mention, fun. And there’s room to get creative and come up with concoctions of your own. Talk about a potential business venture.

Oh, and you’re also not limited to one herb. Aside from weed, the MagicalButter machine is compatible with CBD, a famous cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high, along with a wide variety of legal herbs, such as Catnip, Chamomile, Damiana, etc. Each is beneficial in their own right and can be used for everything from relaxation to soothing a sour stomach.

3. TheMagicalButter machine makes authentic, predictable, and consistent edibles accessible to everyone

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Photo Courtesy of Magical Butter

In some states, you’re lucky to find an edible period, and even if you do, there’s no telling what’s in them. Often their labels say one thing, but their effects say something else entirely. With the MagicalButter machine, on the other hand, you can make your own right from home and save yourself the hassle of searching for a reliable edible connect. More importantly, you’ll know how much weed is going into every product, giving you a better idea of its dose and what effects to expect.

4. There’s less of a mess to clean up after and little to no weed smell, making the MagicalButter machine more discreet than traditional methods of botanical extraction

For those who have cooked with cannabis a time or ten, then you know it makes your entire kitchen reek. The smell of dank will linger on for hours, which is no Bueno when you’re expecting not so weed-friendly guests, or worse; you get a surprise visit from law enforcement.

The MagicalButter machine isn’t 100% odor-proof, but it’s a whole lot less noticeable than doing things the old-fashioned way. Not to mention, there’s also hardly any mess to clean up. In fact, the device is self-cleaning and can do most of the work itself. Even if it leaves a small bit of residue behind, a quick wipe down will get it all squeaky clean and ready for its next batch.

5. The MagicalButter machine is the gift that keeps on giving by making 

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Photo Courtesy of Magical Butter

The MagicalButter machine itself is a fantastic gift idea for anyone. But it can also be used to bake weed-infused presents for friends and family, whether it be for holidays or special occasions. There’s nothing like a decorative baggie of pot brownies to brighten up someone’s day. Or, a mix of CBD topicals for dads with bad backs. Again, the possibilities with the MagicalButter machine are endless.

Each MagicalButter machine comes with everything you need to get started, including the LoveGlove to protect your hands, a PurifyFilter 190 for easy straining, an MB CookBook for recipe inspiration, the owner’s manual, not that you’ll really need it, and a 110V power cord to power up the device. If ever you need to replace any of the MagicalButter machine’s components, you can head over to MB’s website for the works. And if you want any extras, like child-proof storage bags for safe edible keeping, butter or gummy trays, or a nifty tool to make decarboxylation easier, then they’ve got you covered with all that too.

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