How To Test Yourself At Home Before You Go For A Drug Test


You wouldn’t take a college exam without a practice test first. Drug tests are no different! Know before you go, and walk in with a smile.

Christopher Teague
Aug 24, 2017
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Cannabis consumers are everywhere. Despite the myths, they are some of the best employees and often find themselves looking at promotion. But if that promotion comes with a sudden urine test to qualify, it may be a double edged sword. How long THC stays in your system depends on a lot of factors. If are ready to climb the corporate ladder, then knowing you will pass is the ultimate tool for success.

Don’t risk going in unsure

weedtest How To Test Yourself At Home Before You Go For A Drug Test
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Whether for a new job or a promotion, many of us have been there. Confident about our skills and resume, but sweating the urine test. How long has it been? Did I drink enough water? Does stronger weed stay in longer? The only way to truly walk in with no worries is to test yourself ahead of time.

Now, a simple at-home test gives accurate results for peace of mind. Health Tech created the easy-to-use home test that everyone should have on hand. The THC test is simple to use. Just get your sample, apply to the strip, and check in five minutes.

Not all of us get our herb from reputable sources. When partaking of someone else’s herb, you might not know if it was laced with something else. If that sativa was more ‘peppy’ than usual, you might have smoked a little more than just weed. The drug most often sprinkled in with herb is cocaine. Don’t worry, there’s a test for that too.

Health Tech also offers a single test panel home kit for cocaine. Just as easy as the THC test, this helps you know if it was the weed, or just you.

Full spectrum security

5test How To Test Yourself At Home Before You Go For A Drug Test
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If knowledge is power, then the multi-line test is the ultimate weapon against surprise test results. Why go in confident on one substance, only to find out another still shows up?

The Five Panel Test Kit detects THC, cocaine, meth/amphetamines, opiates, and PCP with laboratory accuracy. If you’ve ever bought your herb from a sketchy source or had a bowl too strong to believe, better safe than sorry.

The Five Panel home kit checks for all the same substances that most jobs test for. Don’t settle for stressing out when you can chill out with confidence.

Still positive?

sub solution How To Test Yourself At Home Before You Go For A Drug Test
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The test is coming up in days, you’ve cleansed yourself like crazy, but the home test still shows up positive? Don’t fret. There’s one surefire way to pull out a win, no matter how dirty your sample. Just switch it.

Sub Solution offers the ultimate laboratory tested, drug test beating synthetic urine. Just fill the test cup with this substitute instead of your own urine, and walk away knowing you will test clean.

For tests where observation is a worry, there is even a trick for that. The Incognito belt lets you look like normal from behind while using a pouch and small tube to deliver the substitute stream just like normal. Wear it under your clothes, mess free, and have more than confidence in your stride.

Until drug testing gets banned for the unjust invasion of privacy it is, savvy smokers need to come prepared for anything. Thankfully, has you covered from A to Z.

From additives and substitutes to home tests and even stealth sample belts, they offer the tools to crack the system. Ace the test, every time.

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Christopher Teague
Aug 24, 2017