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Best Synthetic Urine Kits On The Market

When you absolutely have to pass, make sure to choose the best synthetic urine for a drug test.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Canada. Voters have also approved some sort of cannabis policy in over half of all U.S. states. Yet, when it comes to workplace drug testing, laws in many regions are behind the times.

In Canada, the federal government allows individual employers to set their own drug-testing policies, meaning employers can still discriminate against consumers for partaking in the herb even during their free time. In the United States, employers can fire an employee or refuse to hire a person who has tested positive for cannabis in a drug screening, even if that person is a medical cannabis patient.

For this reason, many loyal employees find themselves searching the web for the best synthetic urine for drug tests. Another option is to have a THC detox drink. If you want that, you must drink them a few days in advance. Click here for the best THC detox drinks out there.

But, for the sake of helping you pass a drug test, let’s dive into the best synthetic urine kits on the market, how they work, and more questions about passing a drug test with fake pee.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is exactly what it sounds like, fake pee. Thanks to the prevalence of pre-employment and other forms of drug testing, synthetic urine is now more popular than ever before.

Synthetic urine is also known as “laboratory urine” or, more commonly, “fake pee.” This elixir mimics the chemical and visual properties of human urine. Synthetic urine is often used to pass urine analysis, also known as the dreaded drug test.

However, fake pee is a complicated solution to a surprise urine analysis. Success with laboratory urine takes some effort, and making mistakes can put you at risk for test failure. Many people who use fake urine purchase special tools like bladders, tubes, and temperature strips to bolster their chances and avoid detection.

Fake pee comes in a couple of common forms, pre-mixed solutions or dried powders. These solutions can be bought at many smoke shops and similar types of stores or ordered online.

As a word of precaution, tampering with a drug test is illegal in many states. While many argue that the cost of failing a drug test is so high that it’s worth the risk, it’s useful to look up the laws in your region to get a sense of what you’re up against.

If you decide to take the plunge, these are the best synthetic urines on the market.

Best Synthetic Urine For Drug Tests

Quick Luck

Many synthetic urines come in mix-it-yourself packages. Not Quick Luck! Quick Luck by Clear Choice is premixed synthetic urine that is easy to use on the fly. Marketed as prank urine, this product comes with two heat pads and heat activator powder to ensure that the sample is warm and as life-like as possible.

The solution also contains all of the common constituents found in human urine, including urea, uric acid, and has been balanced for pH, specific gravity, and creatinine. You can expect three total ounces of solution in this kit. The heat-activating powder heats up the solution to body temperature (98℉) for up to 20 minutes, giving you a little leeway on your test. Get it for $100.

Sub Solution

Sub Solution by Clear Choice is somewhat akin to a DIY synthetic urine kit. Unlike Quick Luck, this urine kit requires you to mix up the solution yourself. The kit comes equipped with a mixing container, a vial of powdered urine, and some heat-activating powder.

Also marketed as prank urine, this product requires some forethought before use and can be more challenging to use on the fly. Like Quick Fix, however, this product was formulated to closely mimic human urine. In terms of color, pH, and relevant chemical compounds, Sub Solution has it all for $80.

The Practice Kit

Clear Choice has a solution for those who are nervous about taking a urine test. The Practice Kit comes complete with a three-ounce mixing container, a heating pad, and some heat activator.

The practice kit can be purchased as part of a combo, with either Sub Solution or Quick Luck. Unlike Quick Luck, Sub Solution can take a little more time to prepare. Clear Choice recommends that you practice first to check for any possible complications. Get it for $65.

Incognito Belt

The Incognito Belt helps keep your urine discrete. There’s no pocket bulge or awkward swishing sounds with this handy accessory. The belt comes with premixed synthetic urine, which is securely tucked under clothing and around the waistline.

The urine is dispensed through a rubber tube, which is clipped shut prior to the drug test. With some care, this tube can be threaded through the fly of a pair of pants or hidden under a skirt during the urine test. Warmers included. $125.


Clear Choice has another option for those who are concerned about synthetic urine. After thousands of hours of lab research, the Clear Choice team developed SPIKE. Intended as an additive to your own urine, this urine amendment purifies toxins present in the urine before a random EMIT test or test panel.

One small 1.5-milliliter bottle is intended for occasional consumers, while Clear Choice recommends two bottles for moderate to regular consumers. This colorless and odorless product is undetectable in urine, and hopeful testees simply pour some into their sample before handing it off to a testing lab. Please note that SPIKE is not effective in GC/MS gas chromatography/mass spectrometry tests. $125.

Sweet Pee

The Sweet Pee Kit is a popular product available through online ordering. Unlike Clear Choice, this product comes pre-mixed, which makes it slightly easier to use.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Two ounces of the highest-quality synthetic urine
  • Heat activator powder
  • An easy-to-read temperature strip
  • User instructions

Last-Minute Options For Drug Tests

If a drug test really takes you by surprise, it can be tricky to make it to a smoke shop or quickly find the products you need. For moments of panic, there are still a couple of last-minute tricks that may help you pass your drug test. Although, finding a way to reschedule until you get your hands on the right tools is probably a good call.


Can’t find the right delivery apparatus? The simple flask and leg strap are two classic favorites. While not the most discrete, flasks can be tucked away in a leg band and accessed when consumers are in the privacy of a closed bathroom. This is also an option that many people already have at home, reducing the equipment costs for the whole ordeal.


Many people resort to dilution as a last-ditch effort to clean up their urine. Proceed with caution. While a little dilution is always a good idea, dilution is one of the most dangerous ways to prepare for a drug test.

People often guzzle far too much water in the process. To avoid potentially fatal water intoxication, don’t drink more than two to three liters of water over the space of a few hours. Always rehydrate with an electrolyte drink or electrolyte powder while drinking large quantities of water.

Diluting urine can also lead to an inconclusive sample. This means that you may have to take your urine test again or risk not passing the first time around. Further, modern technology is much more precise and able to detect traces of drugs in very small concentrations—many urine analyses today have cut-off points of 20 or 50 nanograms of THC metabolite per milliliter of liquid.

Abstaining and detoxifying before a test is the safest option all around. However, many drug test veterans swear by the fake stuff. Although, this is still a risk, and when done incorrectly, the results can be quite disheartening. Urine tests are becoming increasingly more difficult to fool, making it necessary to stay up to date on current testing standards.

For more information on how to flush cannabis out of your system, check out the article here.

Is Synthetic Urine Reliable For Drug Tests?

Synthetic urine can certainly fake a test, which is precisely what it is designed to do. There are many people who have successfully relied on synthetic urine in times of need.

But it’s important to note that there’s also no way to be 100% certain with fake urine. The overall quality and correct use of the product are of the utmost importance to overall success. As technology improves, urine tests become more sophisticated and sensitive. A reliable synthetic will also need to evolve to fit the times.

Here are a few things that determine the quality of a synthetic urine product:

  • Must contain uric acid
  • Must contain urea
  • Must contain creatine
  • Must contain nitrates
  • Must be the correct temperature (90 to 100°F, 32 to 36°C)
  • Must be a normal pH (between 4.8 and 8)
  • Must have a normal specific gravity (the density of urine compared to water)
  • Recommended to have a urine smell and foam naturally
  • Discretion (sometimes urine tests are monitored).

Using synthetic urine for a drug test is thought to be considerably easier for tests completed in a private bathroom. Understandably, the risk of being caught increases dramatically if you are being watched while you’re doing your business.

But it’s important to note that, like other illegal things (for example, sending weed in the mail), using fake urine is risky and can get you fired or earn you a fine in some states. While some argue that routine drug testing is an invasion of privacy and civil liberty, there’s no doubt that cheating on a urine analysis is taboo.

What Do Urine-Testing Labs Look For?

In the medical field, practitioners use urine to test for a wide variety of health details. However, drug testing is one of the most common scenarios in which someone might encounter a urine analysis.

Those hoping to gain a certain result on tests other than a common drug screening should do some research on what their urine analysis is looking for before investing in fake pee.

However, when it comes to drug testing, there are a few misnomers about what exactly labs test. For example, the standard drug screen will NOT test for:

  • Sex hormones (indicating gender)
  • Genetic data
  • Prescription medications (other than amphetamines, opioid medications, or compounds specified by the analysis)
  • General health status

The standard urine drug test checks for the presence of five or six different substances. These include:

A drug-testing lab will also check the following:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Creatine
  • Uric acid
  • Urea
  • Excessive nitrates
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Specific gravity

Fortunately, the suspicion that a sample contains synthetic urine because of color, odor, or foam isn’t alone enough evidence to reject the sample. Though, it may certainly raise some unwanted red flags and may warrant further investigation.

Most labs, however, test the temperature of the urine sample within just a few minutes after receiving it. So, the temperature is important when trying to trick an analysis. Synthetic urines can be re-heated as many times as needed.

Tests in recent years have become more sophisticated thanks to the increasing popularity of synthetic urine. To reject a sample, the testing lab has to scientifically prove the sample is fake.

In a sense, this creates a type of race between manufacturers of synthetic urines and testing laboratories. Both must continue to develop more sensitive tests and realistic products in order to out-compete the other.

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