Growing Indoor vs. Outdoor Weed: What's the Difference? Here, a plant is shown close up

If you’re thinking about starting your own grow, one of the first questions you’re probably asking is: ‘what’s the difference between indoor vs. outdoor weed?’ We’ve got all your answers.

A worker looks through a bag of marijuana that will be used to make marijuana infused chocolate edibles at Kiva Confections. To make your own infused edibles you'll have to know how to decarb weed.

Before you can begin making infused treats, you need to know how to decarb weed. We’ve got you covered.

A man uses a gravity bong to produce thick clouds with very little weed

If you’re looking for a new way to smoke weed that doesn’t involve a lot of money or time, there’s nothing like a gravity bong.

Men prefer food, women prefer sex. Science is uncovering how cannabis affects men and women differently, and we can all benefit.

A man and a woman pass a joint. Science is beginning to reveal how cannabis affects men and women differently.

From anxiety to PTSD, we review the health benefits of marijuana and how you might be able to use it in your life.

In this article we explore the health benefits of marijuana. Here, a man smokes a joint on the couch with his friend

The best homemade bug spray for weed plants is organic and can be made easily with things bought at the grocery store.

A woman sprays a plant. Herb has your guide to the best homemade bug spray for weed plants.

We talk to a master about how to roll a rose blunt that’s *almost* too beautiful to smoke.

So you’re finally ready to grow your own flower. Herb’s guide on how to buy marijuana seeds will arm you with all the information to get started.

Wondering how to buy marijuana seeds? Herb's guide has you covered. Here, a man is shown pouring marijuana seeds into his hand

From motivating you to tackle your to-do list to easing away your worries, here are a few reasons why a good wake and bake is the best way to start the day.

A girl lounges on the bed. A man drinks coffee in bed. Wake and bake is the best way to start the day.

Whether you’re new to concentrates or a total pro, our cannabis concentrates guide should help you make informed decisions about what’s best for you.

Cannabis Concentrates 101: Explore Shatter, Budder and More. Here, a woman is shown inhaling a concentrate

From high-end mechanical devices to on-the-go cards, here is the definitive list of the best weed grinders on the market.

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Stash with the Best Weed Grinders. Here a man is shown with a grinder

These strains are perfect for when you’re craving weed in the morning to clear mental fog alongside your coffee.

A man lights up outside. Do you enjoy weed in the morning along with your coffee? Herb has the guide for the best strains for a wake and bake routine.

It’s the season to pair weed and books, and mentally escape to faraway lands much warmer than this.

A girl pulls a book off a shelf. November is the perfect month to pair weed and books, to escape to a faraway land much warmer than this.

It’s not a par-tea without weed tea.

A girl holds a cup of weed tea.

Our list of the best Black Friday CBD deals can help you get the most for your money.

A man browses the internet for the best Black Friday CBD deals

If you’re just getting into concentrates, you’re probably wondering “what is shatter and what’s all the hype about?” Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Shatter is displayed in a quartz banger. But what is shatter anyway?

Better late than never to get an answer: does smoking make your period lighter?

Two women in a restroom exchange a tampon. But does smoking make your period lighter?

You don’t have to be a yogi to do ganja yoga. Cannabis is helping people of all ages and backgrounds realign their bodies and relax.

In this article we explore the benefits of ganja yoga. Pictured here: wellness influencer namaste jenay

Legalization has made the weed situation in Canada’s biggest city a bit tricky. Here’s a list of the best dispensaries in Toronto still selling cannabis through the chaos.

Native Roots Dispensary is one of the best dispensaries in Toronto