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culture | 12.04.2019

9 Real Struggles All Weed Smokers Will Understand

From spilling your stash on the carpet to clogging up your piece, here are nine all-too-real struggles all weed smokers will understand.

Overall, smoking weed is a positive experience. But as many pot smokers know, things can go south in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t take much at all to ruin a smoke session. While most issues can be resolved, such as not rolling the blunt tight enough, others are not so easy to fix. From spilling your stash on the carpet to clogging up your piece, here are nine struggles all weed smokers will understand.

1. Breaking your glass piece

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Just as you’re about to spark your favorite rig, it drops and shatters all over the floor. Then, all that’s left are the pieces for you to clean up. Truly heartbreaking.

2. Spilling weed on the carpet

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Spilling weed is one thing. But once it lands on the carpet, it’s nearly impossible to recover. And even if it were simple, toking on carpet pot doesn’t exactly sound like a fun time.

3. Rolling too tight of a blunt

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There’s nothing more annoying than when someone rolls the blunt so tightly that you can barely hit it. You have to pull super hard to get just a tiny bit of smoke. After the first few tries, you wind up getting so frustrated that you just decide to redo the entire thing.

4. Forgetting your stash at home

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You have something to smoke out of, and you have a lighter. But without weed, the rest is useless. Leaving your stash behind sucks, especially when you were looking forward to getting high.

5. When your lighter runs out of fluid, and you don’t have a backup

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Having delicious bud is a tease when you have nothing to use to burn it. Even when you know your lighter is empty, you still will sit there and spark it a million times, hoping that you’ll get at least one nice flame.

6. When the bowl part of your bong gets stuck

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The bong is filled with smoke and ready to rip. But when you go to pull out the bowl piece, you realize it’s jammed, so you end up wasting a sweet hit. However, when you try to pull it when you’re not taking a hit, it comes right on out with ease. Go figure.

7. When your piece becomes clogged

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If you want to know one way to waste weed, then try sparking a clogged bowl. From time to time, you might get a small hit. But for the most part, you get nothing. Now all you can do is empty it all out and clean it.

8. Dropping the joint while driving

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You swear up and down that your car is about to burst into flames at any moment. But most of all, you just want that joint back. So what do you do? Freak out, of course.

9. Going to have a smoke sesh with your friend and finding out that they don’t even have any bud to contribute

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By “let’s smoke,” they meant for you to come smoke them up.

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