Snoop: “Highly Productive” In Fight Against Stoner Stereotypes

Snoop Dogg has launched a new series of videos called “Highly Productive” to fight against the typical stoner stereotypes.

Apr 4, 2016 - Brittney Sanger

Snoop Dogg launched a series of videos called “Highly Productive” to fight against the typical stoner stereotypes. The short videos portray successful business people who use marijuana. Just as the title of the series says, these individuals can consume cannabis and still be highly productive. Be sure to check them out in the video below!

Merry Jane

snoopfightagainst CBD Oil Gives This Boy Scout A Second Chance Of Life
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Snoop’sMerry Jane, website promotes support while highlighting cannabis users whom are in the business world and are successful. The video series “Highly Productive” are found on the website as well, which Snoop uses in hopes of destroying the lazy stoner stereotypes that society created.

In the first video of the series, you get introduced to Lagunitas CEO Tony Magee, who brews American IPA style beer in Petaluma, CA. He discusses beer production, his thoughts on life and marijuana. The series has six more five minute long videos that are planned to be released once a month. Some other videos that are featured on the site include Snoop socializing with friends, and short videos that combine both cannabis and food. Stay tuned, the website will also be launching more videos sometime in the near future.

Good business

snoopfights3 CBD Oil Gives This Boy Scout A Second Chance Of Life

Mr. D-O-Double-G has made it his personal goal to normalize cannabis and demolish its negative image once and for all. Currently, most marijuana-related businesses are small local companies, which are due to the differences between state laws and the substance’s federally illegal state. Snoop Dogg, however, is one of few famous figures to enter the cannabis industry with his own personal brand. A star who recently joined in is Whoopi Goldberg, who’s also releasing her own line of cannabis-related products. Don’t forget to check out the video from the series “Highly Productive” below!

What did you think of the video? Do you look forward to seeing more videos on Merry Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

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