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Five Perfect Strains For Lovers To Share On Valentine’s Day

Searching for the perfect strains to share with your boo this Valentine’s Day? These five romantic flowers will help you unwind and get in the mood.

Searching for the perfect cannabis to share with your boo this Valentine’s Day? These top romantic cannabis strains are sure to be a big hit. Upbeat, fun, and arousing, these psychoactive herbs will transform any sexy evening into a silly, pleasant, and utterly delicious holiday evening. Here are five strains to share this Valentine’s Day.

1. Kali Mist

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Kali Mist is mostly sativa, which makes this happy and upbeat strain the perfect before-dinner treat. Not only does this strain promote arousal and help put you in the mood, but Kali Mist can also promote a happy and pleasant vibe for an intimate meal.

Great for those who may be celebrating the special day with a new love interest and want an easygoing conversation aid.

Featuring around 18% THC, this strain is recommended for intermediate to experienced cannabis consumers. Those sensitive to sativas or THC may find themselves a little anxious with this bud and may be better off with a more mellow hybrid.

2. OG Kush

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Many people may not consider OG Kush romantic, but this lovely bud is a sure-fire way to impress a date. OG Kush is considered a strong, yet well-balanced and easygoing hybrid. Giggly, upbeat, and low-key, there is no room for nervousness or workday stress after a little of this elevating flower.

The herb also features that signature sweet, lemon, pine scent, OG Kush is beloved by just about everyone and is perfect for sharing. Those headed out for more active dates or activities will appreciate the mellow, silly, and smooth-hitting nature of this bud.

3. Super Lemon Haze

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Hoping to get a little frisky this Valentine’s Day? Super Lemon Haze is the sativa to get you there. This strain has an energizing and zesty lemon aroma that is sure to wake up your senses. However, this flower’s fresh scent isn’t the only reason to love this strain.

Super Lemon Haze is engaging, promoting thoughtfulness, silly conversation, general tomfoolery. Many couples report that this strain can be super helpful in the bedroom, promoting arousal and a general interest in all things sexy. Of course, with such high THC (17-22%), this THC can cause anxiety in some people.

4. Gelato

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Looking for the perfect strain to pair with a sweet, Valentine’s Day dessert? When you’re ready to whip out the chocolate sauce and the whipped cream, a little Gelato can add an extra layer of sensory excitement to the event. Gelato is a hybrid from the Cookies family that is quickly gaining popularity.

There are several phenotypes of Gelato, though the most common is #35. It is a well-balanced hybrid but Shiva Skunk may lean slightly indica. To get the most out of Gelato, this strain is best consumed in small doses. It tends to be quite strong, with up to 20% THC.

Yet, Gelato produces a very cerebral and engaging strain up front, though it tends to end with a deeply relaxing body high. When you’re ready to call it in and spend some quality time snuggling with your boo, this strain is the strain for you.

5. Shiva Skunk

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Shiva Skunk is an excellent strain for Valentine’s evening. Though, you won’t want to hit this potent indica too hard. Shiva Skunk is the most powerful flower in the skunk family. This strain can become quite sedative, so this bud isn’t recommended if you’re feeling a little too tired.

However, Shiva Skunk produces a deep and meditative body high that relaxes the muscles and puts the mind at ease. Unlike other indica strains, Shiva Skunk produces a powerful psychedelic high that can certainly make for a tantalizing, attentive, and dreamy Valentine’s night.

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