Do-Si-Dos Weed; Do-Si-Dos Cannabis Strain; Do-Si-Dos Hybrid Marijuana Strain
strains | 04.12.2023

Do-Si-Dos Marijuana Strain

The Do-Si-Dos cannabis strain is a powerful Indica flower with dreamy, cerebral effects. With up to 30% THC, this strain is more powerful than it sounds.

The Do Si Dos strain is a hardcore Indica with a flower featuring a THC content of up to 30%. This tantalizing variety produces a potent and tranquil high. The experience of using it is full of euphoric blissfulness, and people are demanding more. Besides, users claim it reminds you of cookies with minty notes.

And how to improve an already great strain like Do Si Dos? You can give it to an innovative brand like Binoid and make vape cartridges. Add THC-O to the receipt and get the Do Si Dos THC-O Vape Cartridge. Now you can enjoy its splendid terpenes profile paired with the super psychoactive THC-O.

But, You need a developed tolerance to THC, as high doses of this purple flower can cause paranoia. Thus, consume in moderation.

Do-Si-Dos Experience

The effects of this strain are also quite exquisite. At least, they are for fans of heavy Indica-dominant highs. Powerfully tranquilizing, this dreamy flower provides marijuana consumers with a powerful sensation of body relaxation.

While drowsy, this strain teases cannabis enthusiasts into an uplifting, cerebral euphoria. The body is relaxed while the mind is free to wander, making this hybrid a fan among solo consumers who enjoy introspection.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

  • Do-Si-Dos Oil Pens may be available from select brands, like CO2 Clear.
  • Do-Si-Dos shatter, Do-Si-Dos wax, and other concentrates are also available from a number of retailers.


Traits of Do-Si-Dos and Do-Si-Dos Seeds

Do-Si-Dos is a craft hybrid with rockstar genetics. Often featuring between 25 and 30 percent THC, this Girl Scout Cookies offspring packs a serious punch. This strain is a cross between the OG Kush Breath cut of Girl Scout Cookies and a heavy-handed Indica strain, Face Off OG.

Bred by Archive Seeds, this herb is available in seed form. However, these intoxicating flowers might cost you a pretty penny. When seeds were first sold, they were going for a whopping $900 per pack.

While the high THC levels certainly contribute to this strain’s value, this plant also produces impressive looking buds. Deep purples, reds, blues, and lavenders add depth to frosted green calyxes and funky, shortbread scented colas.


Medical Benefits of Do-Si-Dos

Such a soaring THC level might prove too intense for some cannabis consumers. The high levels of this psychoactive cannabinoid, however,  can be just what some medical marijuana patients are looking for.

  • Medical cannabis consumers with chronic pain, anxiety, and stress tend to appreciate this strain, especially if any of these symptoms lend to sleeplessness
  • While the effects of this strain are body-centric, this potent flower tends to inspire a cerebral, euphoric mood, making it popular among cannabis patients with depression

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