Casey Jones Marijuana Strain

Casey Jones Weed; Casey Jones Cannabis Strain; Casey Jones Sativa Marijuana Strain
18% THC 0.2% CBD

Casey Jones is a Sativa marijuana strain. Casey Jones is an ideal morning strain which can reduce social stress and leave you feeling creative.


Casey Jones is a lovely Sativa that promotes happiness and alertness. Great for the morning, this lemony delight features between 15 and 18% THC. Its namesake was a train conductor from Tennessee who risked his own life in 1900 to save his passengers from a head-on collision. This strain has since been immortalized as a character on the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and in a song by the Grateful Dead. This strain is appropriately descended from Oriental Express (Trainwreck, Thai) and East Coast Sour Diesel.  With its uplifting effects and high THC content, Casey Jones is a true hero strain.


Casey Jones Experience

Casey Jones is a cheerful Sativa cross between Trainwreck, Thai, and East Coast Sour Diesel. The result is a happy and spirited flower with moderate amounts of THC (18%) and an herbal lemon aroma. Like other Sativas, the effects of this marijuana strain are felt mostly in the head. This strain is known to lift mood and provide as much mental energy as your morning cup of coffee.

Casey Jones is a highly potent Sativa that takes after its parent strains but is considered to be less abrasive. This strain is stimulating rather than sedative, making it a great choice for daytime consumption. This is a strain for getting things done, being active, and having fun with friends.

The head high produced by this strain will spur your creative side. With a slight body buzz followed by its powerful cerebral effects, Casey Jones is a conversation starter and will help you break that social shell.


Traits of Casey Jones and Casey Jones Seeds

Casey Jones seeds are the result of a mix between Oriental Express and East Coast Sour Diesel. That blend produces this strain’s distinct citrusy-sweet aroma with a hint of diesel from its parent strain.

The flavors of this strain are just as uplifting as its effects. Its fruity overtones are boosted by a burst of earthy citrus that makes for a smooth and flavorful taste all around.


Medical Benefits of Casey Jones

Medical marijuana consumers suffering from chronic stress or poor appetite tend to enjoy this strain. It’s also useful for headache relief. For those with depression or metabolic disorders, this strain can act as an herbal pick-me-up for chronic fatigue.

  • This high energy effects of this Sativa strain make it ideal for morning use and those who are looking to recharge
  • It’s high THC levels inspire a cerebral effect which makes Casey Jones a creativity booster
  • The uplifting effects of this strain can help to reduce social anxiety and help you remain open to new experiences