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Herb Plus | 01.23.2023

Cannabis Marketing Through Podcasting

Ever thought about using alternative marketing channels like podcasting for your weed brand?

Cannabis marketing is vast. There are various ways to market your cannabis brand while increasing visibility and traffic to your website and pages. 

While traditional marketing approaches remain relevant, cannabis businesses must use every possible marketing channel available to promote their brand and spread the word while complying with laws. 

In the modern industry, cannabis brands are looking to podcasts as a way to reach the right people at their preferred times. It lets you spark interest in new and seasoned cannabis users while increasing awareness and visibility for your brand. 

In this guide, we’ll focus on using alternative marketing channels like podcasting to reach alternative niche markets, whether you’re tapping into health and wellness or cannabis cultivation. 

See below for more information on how to use podcasts for marketing your cannabis brand.

What Is A Podcast?

Cannabis aside, podcasts are incredibly popular. They are entertaining and/or informative audio shows that feature a host (or hosts) discussing any topic you could imagine.

Podcasts will typically air on a certain schedule, be it daily, weekly, or monthly. In order to make each episode different, hosts will typically invite notable guests and speakers in specific markets to enlighten listeners on new discussions.

Podcasts have become extremely popular in recent years, allowing people to engage themselves in entertaining or educational content without reading or staring at a screen.

How To Make A Cannabis-Focused Podcast

Before we discuss how to make a cannabis-focused podcast, you must know who your audience is. Examine your brand, products, and services, and look into which niche market your brand can tap into. 

Say your brand is a CBD wellness brand that champions natural, non-psychoactive alternative medicine. Ideally, you should create a schedule of content with topics and discussions that are frequently asked about, including:

  • What Is CBD?
  • How CBD Is Replacing Pharmaceuticals
  • What’s The Difference Between Full-Spectum CBD, Broad-Spectrum CBD, And CBD Isolate?
  • How To Incorporate CBD Into Your Daily Routine

Again, this is still a marketing venture. Within your podcasts, don’t forget to tie your brand’s products and services into the mix. Speak about the benefits and unique features of your products and how it relates to the topic of discussion and the industry as a whole.

What To Talk About In A Cannabis Podcast

This ties in with what we explained above. In order to determine what to talk about in a cannabis podcast, you must take a good look at your brand first. 

What messages would your brand like to share, and who do you want to hear them? We used CBD as an example above, so let’s say your brand is a cannabis seed bank promoting your high-quality seeds for new and expert growers. 

In that case, you could use cannabis cultivation as your podcast’s main theme to tap into that niche market. When establishing your podcast’s theme, be it cultivation, health & wellness, or cannabis infusion, be sure to dive deep into all areas of those topics. 

Circling back to the cannabis seed bank, consider discussing the following:

  • Tips For A Successful Harvest
  • The Life Stages Of Cannabis Plants
  • How To Know When Buds Are Ready To Harvest
  • Essential Nutrients Every Grower Needs In Their Soil

Niche Markets For Cannabis Podcasts

The great thing about using podcasts for cannabis marketing is your ability to engage niche markets. As mentioned above, it’s essential to determine which niche market you’d like to engage by determining the niche essence of what your brand offers. See below for more tips. 

Health & Wellness (CBD): This niche market champions cannabis as alternative medicine. It doesn’t necessarily praise the psychoactive cannabinoid THC but heavily focuses on the non-psychoactive medical-grade cannabinoid CBD. There are thousands of CBD brands on the market that focus on skincare, sexual wellness, mental health, physical health, and overall well-being. 

Cultivation: I won’t be the first to say that cannabis cultivation podcasts are hot right now. As the industry grows, consumers are dabbling in this craft more than ever before. Plus, there are hundreds of topics to discuss within the complex world of cultivation, from pests and nutrients to deficiencies and seeds. 

Cannabis Infusion: The cannabis industry has blessed us with innovative and creative ways to consume cannabis without damaging the lungs. Edibles are wildly popular, and so are unconventional edibles like cannabis-infused dishes and beverages. These podcasts could discuss how to create easy edibles and work your way up to becoming a cannabis chef. 

Connoisseur Conversations: There is a huge market for potheads. We’re talking about the seasoned cannabis connoisseur who adores their ritual and only uses the most potent goods they can find. Podcasts covering cannabis connoisseurs and high-potency products can review goods, make recommendations, and dive deep into how to know if a product is high-quality.

Benefits Of Using Podcasts In Cannabis Marketing

Technology is advancing. As people are driving or on their commute to work, not everyone is reaching for the stereo. Podcasts, in general, are an excellent way to engage the right listeners while provoking thoughts and conversations about certain topics that interest them, like cannabis. 

Finding your niche market and establishing your audience gives people an entirely new, educational, and entertaining way to learn about you, your brand, and what you offer. They’re incredibly personable and help listeners see a more human side to your brand, even though you’re marketing it at the end of the day. 

Spreading accurate and entertaining information through cannabis podcasts helps you make use of alternative marketing channels while gaining new fans and followers in the process. There are thousands of topics to choose from, and creative control is in your hands.

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