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The 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for Beginners

Ready to try vaping?

The 5 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers For Beginners

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So you’ve heard all about the health benefits of vaping weed as opposed to smoking it and now you’re ready to buy your very first vape. But are you prepared to find the perfect vape? Between the vast variety of units and the even more massive amount of features, probably not.

A good place to start is with dry herb vaporizers— or vaporizers designed for the flower form of cannabis rather than concentrates. That’s because vaping dry herbs, as well as loading them, is a lot simpler than working with sticky extracts. Not to mention, the high you get from dry herb vaporizers isn’t overbearing for newbies. More importantly, vaping weed in its natural form won’t send your tolerance skyrocketing when you’ve only just begun turning to the refined way of getting lifted.

It won’t be long before you shed your rookie status. But for now, embrace it with one of these dry herb vaporizers.

1. Linx Gaia

First up on the list of dry herb vaporizers is the stunning Gaia by Linx Vapor. The Gaia is perfect for ganja enthusiasts new to vaping as it only features three buttons and a convenient OLED screen, making it easy to use. Preparing for a session with the Gaia is as simple as unscrewing the mouthpiece, which is covered by a protective magnetic cap, and dropping in your herb. Vaping just requires five clicks of the power button, along with an adjustment of temperature using the up and down arrow buttons. In under 20 seconds, the Gaia will deliver flawless vapor in generous amounts. No muss, no fuss.

2. Grenco Science G Pen Elite

The sleek, all black G Pen Elite by Grenco Science is another one of the best dry herb vaporizers for beginners due to its simplicity. The G Pen Elite features a larger heating chamber than most vapes of its kind, meaning you can put a lot of weed in there (no needing a weed scale to measure your red weed). Like the Linx Gaia, the G Pen Elite chamber is found underneath the mouthpiece and takes five presses of a button to power up. However, unlike the Gaia, vapers control the temperature via the G Pen Elite’s LED display. Although the heat up time is roughly 10 seconds longer than the Gaia, the G Pen Elite doesn’t have removable parts. That way, vaping rookies never have to worry about a missing piece stopping them from enjoying their newfound love.

3. Pax 3

At first glance, the Pax 3 looks far too high-tech for a beginner vaper. But in reality, it’s not as hard to figure out how to use the gorgeous Pax 3, aka the “iPhone of vapes,” as it seems. In fact, turning on the Pax 3, and adjusting the temperature setting, can all be done by clicking the mouthpiece. Rather than having you stare into a screen until the device is ready to use, the Pax 3 uses a slight vibration to let you know it’s time to pull in that delicious vapor from your favorite dry herbs. That makes it not only one of the best dry herb vaporizers for on-the-go, but also ideal for sneaky puffs in public.

4. Arizer Solo II

The Arizer Solo II is one of the best dry herb vaporizers because it’s hassle-free and delivers exceptional vapor (maybe it sounds familiar to you because of its “brother” the well-known Arizer Argo). Whether you’re relaxing in the crib or are out and about, the Solo II can be easily mastered in one day. It’s travel-friendly, simple to use, and even easier to clean. Not to mention, it only takes about 30 seconds for the device to gear up for a lengthy session. Thanks to its long-lasting portable batteries, consumers can get up to 3 hours of use out of the Solo II. If your buddies are new to vaping as well, you can share the Arizer Solo II as there’s always plenty to go around. We’re confident if you go with this sleek device, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best dry herb vaporizers.

5. Atmos Jump

Last on the list of the best dry herb vaporizers is the Atmos Jump. The Jump is an affordable, pocket-portable pen that offers incredible, convenient hits from any location. Because it’s sleek and discreet, the Jump can be swiftly tucked away when the family barges in through your bedroom door—or when you see flashing red and blue lights behind your vehicle. Although the Jump only offers around six sessions per charge, that’s plenty for beginners. Plus, each session you get from the Jump is nothing short of outstanding.

*Pro Tip: If you’re getting a dry herb vaporizer, don’t you ever search on the internet how to grind weed without a grinder, for these devices you’ll need a good grinder to shred your bud to the finest.

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