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These are the Best Kush Strains on the Planet

They don’t just look like fire, the best Kush strains are fire.

Kush: you’ll hear that word a lot in the cannabis community. You’ll hear it in countless rap songs, from Dr. Dre’s “Kush” to the legendary “Kush And Orange Juice” by Wiz Khalifa. If you’ve ever wanted to blow Cali-grown rapper weed, then Kush is that bud. A proper strain for a real OG.  

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

Kush is famous for its dankness. Not only do its buds hold a bounty of resin, but they also boast a phenomenal lemony/diesel flavor combo and a sweet, earthy aroma to match. Then, there’s Kush’s happy and heavy high. Kush doesn’t just look like fire with its orange pistils and silvery white flair; it is fire. The flame to your bowl if you will. Why else do you think this profoundly pungent nug has been blazed to stardom?

The Best Kush Strains

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

If you want to feel for yourself what the fuss over Kush is about, then you know what to do. Hit up your town’s dispensary or bud man, grab your weapon of choice, and smoke on one (or all) of the best Kush strains today. Here are our seven picks:



There’s nothing sweeter than a mellow high at the end of a tiring day. Kushberry is a relaxing Indica that’s perfect for unwinding. In addition to lifting your spirits, Kushberry relieves stress—just what you need when you return home from the daily grind. This berry-flavored bud has an average THC content of 22 percent, and might even give you the giggles, on top of getting rid of a nagging headache. Kushberry is the happy-go-lucky kind of Kush to fire up when it’s time to chill out and brush the chip off your shoulder.   

Blackberry Kush

With its gorgeous dark purple buds and jet fuel/berry aroma, there’s no mistaking that Blackberry Kush dankness. Its THC content ranges from 13–20 percent, and is an excellent bud for bedtime. This Indica variety of Kush not only fights insomnia, but also stress. It delivers a comforting body buzz that eases any aches and pains. But be forewarned, Blackberry Kush is not a strain to puff on continuously throughout the day. Aside from making you sleepy, it gives you dry, heavy eyes. Save this bud for the evening hours, or whenever it’s about time to hit the sack.

Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush should ring a bell, or at least the Khalifa part. It was bred specially for Wiz Khalifa, a rap artist that sparks up before he brushes his teeth and doesn’t stop until he lays his head down for the night. Supposedly, you can’t access the real deal, although many claim they have. But there are other versions available that are said to provide an OG Kush-type of experience. In other words, it knocks.

Khalifa Kush is a hybrid with THC levels of 26–29 percent, very potent and not for folks with a faint tolerance to weed. But for cannabis connoisseurs, KK is super uplifting and relaxing at the same time. It also tackles the symptoms of depression along with stress and pain. Like most genuine Kush strains, KK features citrus and earthy flavors with matching aromas, and therefore, produces some pretty smooth tasty smoke, especially when rolled into a paper plane.  

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is another star amongst the 91 plus Kush strains out there, and one of the rarest strains. It is a pure Indica named after the beautiful 500 mile-long mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which produces the world’s best hash. This bud contains between 15–20 percent THC and is the ultimate stress aid and pain reducer. Being that it’s a pure Indica, you don’t want to partake in this pungent, earthy flower when you have things to do. It is practically couch glue and will have you wanting to sit still for a long, long while. That makes Hindu Kush a fine companion for getting lost in a random Netflix original like Bird Box. Especially Bird Box.  

OG Kush

Now for the OG of Kush strains, the one and only OG Kush. What would a proper list of the best Kush buds be without the original gangster? OG Kush is a 90s baby with blissful and soothing effects and spicy pine flavors/aromas, plus a THC content of up to a whopping 24 percent. It relaxes your body but also stimulates the mind, which is the ideal mix for playing video games or getting desk work done. OG Kush is also a fantastic social strain. If you need a little something to help you branch out your shell, this helpful hybrid will transform you into a social butterfly. Medicinally, it’s most effective at alleviating stress, pain, depression, and insomnia.

Orange Kush

One type of Kush strain you don’t want to carry with you just anywhere is Orange Kush, a joyful, but powerful Indica. Orange Kush has a super fragrant orange citrus scent that’s almost impossible to conceal without an airtight container. Its dank aroma is a reflection of its potency. Orange Kush often tops 22 percent THC, which is strong even for the regular toker. Recreationally, it’s a lovely bud to smoke when you want to chill or add cheer to your day. If you suffer from stress, pain, or depression, Orange Kush is also a fabulous flower to burn to relieve all three.

Pure Kush

Last on the list of best Kush buds is the sedative and skunky Indica Pure Kush. Pure Kush carries 13–24 percent THC and, according to one fan, is the Mike Tyson of strains. If you can’t sleep and need something to knock you out fast, then Pure Kush will surely lend a fist. Though it is an Indica, this flower has Sativa-like feels at first. You experience an inviting sense of pressure across your face to start, and then the high transcends from uplifting and euphoric to tranquilizing from head to toe. Before you know it, you’re on your ass, and it’s morning.

Photography by Kaya Blaze Kelley for Herb

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