Blue Cheese: The Creamy Indica For Fun And Pain Management

Blue Cheese is an extremely popular strain for a reason. This delicious indica hybrid features a happy upbeat high and a sleepiness that isn’t overpowering.

Jun 5, 2017

The Blue Cheese strain is a European delight. Bred by the famous Barney’s Farm, this indica-dominant hybrid is stinky and delicious. An uplifting and mischevious flower, Blue Cheese features an intoxicating aroma and a deeply relaxing high. More body than mind, Blue Cheese is a great choice for pain management and winding down after a long day.

Strain details

This indica strain is a winning cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese. Not only is the combo absolutely delicious, but the flower has inherited a happy-go-lucky vibe and a sleepy relaxation.

Blueberry is one of the strains that parented the legendary Blue Dream. Barney’s Farm crossed this lovely lady with Cheese, a skunky, pungent bud known for its heavy-handed effects.

Blue Cheese, the resulting cross, is a potent strain popular among everyday enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Often recommended for intermediate to experienced consumers, Blue Cheese tends to produce around 20 percent THC. While it may not be the most potent bud on the shelf, it is still a powerful psychoactive and delivers an enjoyable euphoric high.

Blue cheese the food may be an acquired taste, but this cheesy bud sure isn’t. A pungent, umami-like scent is paired with a decadent blueberry sweetness, creating a strong sensory experience.

When picking out a cannabis strain, following your nose is often a great bet. Strains that smell good to you are buds that you’ll likely enjoy. Blue Cheese stands apart as an exquisite scented flower with a creamy, aged fruit taste.

The Blue Cheese experience

Blue Cheese A 1 Marijuana Moms Are Sick Of Being Judged By Alcohol Drinkers
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The Blue Cheese strain is considered to be an 80/20 indica and sativa split. While this bud is often categorized as an indica, it’s not the type to leave you plastered to your sofa. The effects of this bud are indeed on the sleepy side, but it tends to produce more of a relaxed and uplifting experience than a heavy sedation.

Of course, higher doses of this bud will certainly leave you yawning. Novice consumers might find the strain can make them feel a little dizzy. Having some water or a sour candy on hand can also check back the dry mouth that it tends to create.

However, this jolly flower does not tend to have many irritating side effects, like paranoia or anxiety.

Those in need of a way to manage physical stress will likely adore Blue Cheese. The effects of this flower tend to come on slow, creeping up on you just as you’re about to take another rip off of the bong.

The beginnings of the Blue Cheese experience often begin in the head, offering a blissful and silly cerebral high. However, a wave of bodily effects tends to soothe sore muscles and calm down anxious or tense physiology.

Why do people use Blue Cheese?

Blue Cheese A 2 Marijuana Moms Are Sick Of Being Judged By Alcohol Drinkers
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The strain makes for the perfect afternoon or weekend smoke. It’s drowsy and low key without being too sedative. This bud would be an excellent choice to share with friends over a happy hour or after you’re through with college classes for the day.

Laid back and easygoing, this bud is fairly sociable and happy without the raciness or energy often found in sativa buds.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up Blue Cheese for relief from chronic stress, insomnia, and pain conditions. This bud also tends to increase appetite, which could make it preferable for those hoping to find relief from nausea or for anyone struggling to gain weight.

Mental health ailments like anxiety and depression may enjoy the mental uplift this bud provides.

Jun 5, 2017