Middlefork Marijuana Strain

25% thc0.3% cbd

Middlefork is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid marijuana strain. A popular recreational strain, this herb will leave marijuana enthusiasts feeling creative, relaxed and even aroused.

ArousedCerebralCreativeEnergeticEuphoriaHappyPain ReliefRelaxedSleepySocialTinglyUplifting
AnxietyDepressionHeadachesInsomniaMigrainesMuscle SpasmsNauseaPainPMSPTSDStress

Middlefork is a powerful hybrid that is taking Washington by storm. With THC levels sometimes exceeding 27%, this euphoric and relaxing bud is recommended for experienced consumers. Unfortunately, growing info for this strain is lacking.


Middlefork Experience

Middlefork is a newcomer to Washington State and has quickly become a local celebrity. This silly flower is a Hybrid cross between Blueberry and Dutch Treat. Overall, this strain provides a happy and powerful Sativa-dominant experience.

The THC content in this strain runs high, with the most impressive test soaring to over 27%. For such a potent marijuana strain, the overall effects are surprisingly mellow and lighthearted. While there is quite a bit of Indica in Middlefork, many cannabis consumers find this strain great for daytime use. Other’s find that they are easily able to drift off to sleep when wanted.

In high doses, Middlefork will send marijuana enthusiasts’ mind soaring. As a true Hybrid, the Sativa mental stimulation is very noticeable. Marijuana consumers can expect a speedy sort of stimulation coupled with some significant heavy-bodied effects. For those hoping to be euphoric and relaxed at the same time, Middlefork is for you.


Traits of Middlefork and Middlefork Seeds

The flavor of this strain is light, juicy, and unique. It has inherited much of the sweetness of Blueberry with plenty of the citrus acidity from Dutch Treat. Some slight refreshing minty pine notes may also be detected by marijuana connoisseurs.

Cannabis growers will rejoice when they see the densely packed buds that tend to be larger than average. Orange pistils twist their way out of light green leaves. They might be a little difficult to see underneath the heavy layer of crystal trichomes.

These crystals let marijuana enthusiasts know they’re in for a THC rich treat. As a forewarning, this sticky weed can be tough to break up without a grinder.


Medical Benefits of Middlefork

This strain is predominantly available in recreational dispensaries. Though, many medical consumers are fans of this strain.

  • Many tend to use this strain for headaches and migraine relief
  • Those having difficult days or struggling with a condition related to chronic stress will feel stress quickly melt away
  • Thanks to Indica heritage, the pain relieving qualities of this strain are also quite significant