If You Like Getting High And Exploring, These Are The Most Beautiful Smoke Spots On The Planet

Oct 8, 2017
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(Photo by Jordan Siemens/ Getty Images)

A true weed-explorer knows that atmosphere defines your high.  Forget dimly-lit basements, where you smoke should vault your imagination. While traveling with weed can be a little sketchy, these beautiful smoke spots might just make taking a few risks worth it.

Burano, Italy

One of the only urban smoke spots to make it on this list, Burano is perhaps the most cartoonish town in the world. The brightly colored houses, cobblestone, and boats puttering through the canals make Burano a fantastic place to get high and explore.

Nærøyfjord, Norway

Steeped in the history of Vikings and natural beauty, the Nærøyfjord is a treat for any smoker. For non-Norwegians, trying to pronounce this stunning place could result in a brain aneurysm. 

Litchfield National Park, Australia

One of the best parts of Litchfield Park is there’s plenty of places to smoke then swim in the natural pools fed by rushing waterfalls. If you want to smoke weed and feel like Tarzan, this is the place for you.

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Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

So. Many. Flowers. Barring any pollen allergies, it’s hard to imagine a more stereotypically beautiful place. Come to Hitachi Seaside Park during the bloom, and your high ass is going to be absolutely mesmerized. Pro tip: early morning smoke sessions will help you avoid crowds. 

Bryce Canyon, USA

Bryce Canyon is a work of art that is the result of hundreds of millions of years of erosion. The canyon is a natural optical illusion that will keep you staring longer than any psychedelic poster hanging in any acid-obsessed college kid’s dorm room.

Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

A flat surface may not sound exciting, but the Bolivian salt flats look like heaven fell from the sky. The clouds and ground are almost impossible to tell apart at a distance, creating a captivating mirror-image. Explorers who smoke here are bound to get lost searching for the horizon.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil, Argentina

Rather than one beautiful waterfall, Iguazu is a network of over 250.  Nothing will wash away your stress quite like roaring waterfalls beneath the tropical sun.

Torngat Mountains, Canada

Out of all these beautiful smoke spots,  the Torngat Mountains are only for the explorers drawn to the harsh expansive Northern wilderness.  To get to Torngat, you’ll need to take a short plane trip, followed by a short boat trip. For those willing to make the journey, the payoff is huge. Under the fishbowl sky, you’ll find a sense of genuine solitude. 

Badlands Overlook, USA

The intricate rock formations in the Badlands make the Grand Canyon look like little more than a big hole. Desert-bound adventurers will want to make sure to bring plenty of water. It can get up to 46 degrees Celsius in the summertime and heat paired with cottonmouth is never a good thing.

Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail, Thailand

Nestled in Krabi province, the Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail is the kind of smoke spot every adventure-seeking weed enthusiast needs to have on their bucket list. It’s lush and warm, and this hill provides a vantage point that lets you see for miles. You’ll leave the trail being pretty comfortable with your own significance. 

Yosemite National Park, USA

Whether you’re lighting up in the vast greenery of Tuolumne Meadows, on top of the peak of Vogelsang Mountain, or at the base of El Capitan, Yosemite park in California offers some of the best views in the United States.  Rock formations left by the last ice age decorate the national park. Just be sure to be careful with your leftovers when eating munchies. Yosemite is teaming with bears. 

Dolomites, Italy

Take any of the hiking paths long enough in the Dolomites, and you’ll swear you’ve stumbled into another world. The peaks of the Dolomites look like tufts of whip cream. If that thought stirs up a hunger for something sweet,  Italy is arguably the best place in the world to satisfy your craving. Head to town and get some budino.

Lake Louise, Canada

 With its strikingly turquoise water, Lake Louise is the crown jewel of the Rocky Mountains. As you stand before it, blowing smoke into the distance, you’re certain to get the adventure porn Instagram photo of your life. 

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

While the world’s largest waterfall might not be a great place to chat with friends, the power of the falls is certain to trap your heart in Africa. Be sure to bring a pipe or vaporizer. The mist that kisses your face is also certain to dampen your joint. 

The Chocolate Hills, Philippines

The Chocolate Hills is a strange geological formation that looks like a valley is trying to stretch towards the sky. These fully green hills have a more muted presence than the jagged rock of mountainous landscapes. As you watch birds glide through the open air, you’ll feel like you’re flying with them.  

Redwood National Park, USA

Among the sprawling forests of Northern California, stand a collection of trees that have been alive for almost 2,000 years. When you press your face against the dense bark of these forest giants, you’ll definitely feel like they’re trying to whisper some ancient wisdom in your ear. If standing among living creatures older than the Roman Empire doesn’t expand your imagination after you’ve had a few tokes, then nothing will.  

Oct 8, 2017