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The Best Outdoor Weed Hikes In LA

Living deep in the heart of Los Angeles means you probably like to get out of town every so often. Here’s a list of the best hiking spots in LA.

Griffith Park

Photo by John Woodbury of Griffith Observatory

Beginning with the most obvious. Griffith Park is a great way to really see all of Los Angeles, nestled beneath the thick layers of smog. The views are simply breathtaking. Of the three times I have hiked this place, I have yet to reach the Hollywood sign. And I went the back way! But that’s a secret only locals know.

Angeles National Forest

Photo courtesy of Mila for Jest Cafe

A little way outside of LA, but totally worth the swirling and winding roads that lead up to this magnificent beast of a hike. Angeles National Forest has more than just dope hiking trails. There’s a shooting range, you can camp, and most other things nature-related. Careful going at night, those cars parked on the side are not making soup with the windows up. But do enjoy that view of the city lights twinkling in the night.

Eaton Canton

Photo by Josh of California Through My Lens

Sitting at the gorgeous San Gabriel Mountains base is Eaton Canyon, a beautiful botanical and geological wonder. I certainly was not planning on going as hard as I did, but just too beautiful to stop. However, I would probably not recommend it for inexperienced hikers or the little ones. It is a bit more rugged, but the views are certainly worth all the trekking.

Will Rogers

Photo by Stacie Rathbone for All Trails

If you’re feeling something a bit more historic or less intense, Inspiration Point at the Will Rogers State Historic Park is a good place to go. A nice little 2-mile loop to literally be inspired to become an amazing hiker or some other really awesome interest. I do also happen to enjoy a trip down history lane, and coming here is always the vibe.

Topanga State Park

Photo by Brooke B for All Trails

Let’s head over to the beach! Or someplace nearby like Topanga State Park. Of all of the beautiful spots to smoke and hike, this might be one of the more breathtaking views. I mean, how many places can you stand on what looks like a desert mountain and see a city and the ocean at the same time?

Solstice Canyon

Photo by Dayna Holthus for All Trails

If you want something a bit closer to the water, check out Solstice Canyon. It’s a family-friendly hike that has some challenging trails as well. Bring the dog, and have a picnic. Whatever you feel, you can find a way to do it high at the Solstice Canyon. Please keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife; we wouldn’t want to disturb nature.

Escondido Canyon

Photo by The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority

Ok, so we are sticking with a bit of a Malibu theme here, but Escondido Canyon has some of the best waterfall hikes, in my opinion. I’m a sucker for a good waterfall, throw in some edibles or a portable dab rig, and I can live happily ever after.

O’Melveny Park

Photo by Heather Miles for All Trails

Alrighty, let’s head out of the Malibu area and check the outskirts of Santa Clarita. O’Melveny Park has more kid-friendly trails, but this is more of the active adult scene. Though the trails may seem smooth, the degree to which you are climbing can seem a little trippy, so to speak.

Runyon Canyon Park

Photo courtesy of LA Times

A more popular place nearer to Griffith, Runyon Canyon Park has totally won the hearts of the local Angelenos. The views are a total vibe. The most awesome city views, monumental hiking trails, and you can even let your dog off the leash at the dog park! The true LA life can be seen and felt from the top of this spectacular mountain.

Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

Photo by Allie M for All Trails

Wandering around the same area, you’ll find Debs Park. The majority, if not all, is open space with a lot of smooth hiking trails, perfect for beginners—another with some pretty fabulous city views. Debs is a bit closer, so the city looks more focused for those really artsy Instagram posts.

Vasquez Rocks Trail

Photo by Jessica Schilling Photography

Over to the opposite end of Santa Clarita lies the majestic Vasquez Rocks. Prehistoric nature just chillin’ like the sexy beast she is. Not as kid-friendly but still passable for the active little ones. Spark up, stay hydrated and enjoy the stunning views of nature’s capabilities. If you are wondering, yes, these rocks are famous and featured in many films, TV shows, and Instagram posts.

Crystal Lake Trail

Photo by Angela Diaz-Gonzales for Pintrest

Sticking to the more trail-specific, Crystal Lake Trail is, as it says, a trail next to a lake, but why is this one worth the trek? It’s short, about the length of a medium-sized blunt or a 1 g pre-roll, 2 if you are with the company. This short trail is beautiful and perfect for when you just need an escape from the world but don’t want to go too far into the woods.

Turnbull Canyon Trailhead

Photo by Alyssa Ellis for All Trails

A great little treasure, nothing but flat, uphill trekking with what feels to be world-opening views at Turnbull Canyon Trailhead. Seemingly secluded, this trail is perfect for a morning wake, bake, and stroll along the path with or without your dog.

Murphy Ranch Trail

Photo by June-Wei Yu for All Trails

Think back up the list to Topanga and Will Rogers because nestled between them is the Murphy Ranch Trail. About 3.5 miles of that deep meditative beauty. Do it alone, with friends, the kids, the pets, whoever you go with; you will certainly never forget the views here. Every step forwards transports you to another world. So again, spark up, or pop an edible, and don’t forget to take pictures.

The KØL 2.0 Pipe

Photo courtesy of HØJ

For something you can quickly take and clean on the spot for hiking, there’s no better small pipe like the KØL 2.0.

Pronounced K-O-W-L, this black, metal-like device has an ergonomic and sleek design that holds up thanks to its inner magnet core.

On the outside, you’ll find a fancy, black look thanks to its anodized aluminum. The interior has a “vortex” like design that naturally filters your smoke, making each pull super smooth without needing water.

What we love the most about our Dutch heritage pipe is the cleaning. It is super stealthy to take on any hike and cleaning is a matter of a snap. No literally, you can snap the magnet core apart, take the filter off, give it a rinse or wipe, and you are good to go.

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It really is the perfect pipe to enjoy some beautiful landscapes and feel one with nature with some smooth tokes, like pipes should work.

This small yet powerful pipe is built to last a lifetime, look sleek, fit in your pocket, and filter your smoke so good you’ll think you are having some bong hits.

You can learn more from the KØL 2.0 and its premium pipe smoking experience from the folks at HØJ, here.

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