Cannabis influencer, Bess Byers, is on Herb's list of 10 women in cannabis to follow on Instagram

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culture | 01.01.2022

10 Women in Cannabis to Follow on Instagram, Pt. 2

The simultaneous rise of cannabis and feminism is as timely as it is symbolic. These are 10 women in cannabis to follow on Instagram who are helping to keep the momentum.

The cannabis industry is burgeoning simultaneously with the rise of women—a coincidence as symbolic as it is timely. But like all tectonic, cultural shifts, the momentum only continues if the push for reform becomes undeniably and irrevocably stronger than doubt or apathy. Cannabis prohibition reached a tipping point when the lack of information and blatant fear-mongering collided with consistently positive anecdotal evidence from the public. This eventually narrowed the choices for seemingly unshakable institutions and systems: adapt to the zeitgeist or be left behind. The same is true for the rise and recognition of feminism, and ultimately, the incremental shift of cultural consciousness and equilibrium of humankind.

Both women and cannabis have long and convoluted pasts with very current relevance, such that our understanding of what power consists of and how it’s assumed continues to be reframed; and how courage by a single person to share their story and challenge what is, feels, as it so often does, like a referendum for all.

Here are 10 women continuing to plant the seeds, spark conversation, and smoke in style—and who, undoubtedly, will help shape the year to come in the world of cannabis and beyond.

10 Women in Cannabis to Follow on Instagram, Pt. 2


The look: A collage of womanly splendor.
The feel: The word “inspired” comes from Latin ‘inspirare’ meaning ‘breathe.’ The word was originally used of a divine being, in the sense ‘impart a truth or idea to someone.’
If this account was a strain: Pandora’s Box


The look: Anything you can smoke, I can smoke bigger.
The feel: The future is now. Are you coming?
If this account was a strain: Green Lantern


The look: Your next repost or photoshoot inspiration.
The feel: Head in the clouds, fist in the air.
If this account was a strain: Ayahuasca Purple


The look: Elegance, elevated.
The feel: In the beginning, there were flowers; and so, there is always beauty in a revolution.
If this account was a strain: Lucid Dream


The look: The day-to-day BTS of a woman making moves to end prohibition, likely in a leather jacket.
The feel: Do no harm, but take no shit.
If this account was a strain: Mob Boss


The look: A bulletin of information on what matters in all matters of weed.
The feel: Forward, onward, and upward because we’re never going back.
If this account was a strain: One to One


The look: Products, places, and pretty faces.
The feel: VIP access to the best party in Cannabis Land.
If this account was a strain: Pink Panther


The look: Gravitating away from a perfectly manicured grid to reveal the happenings of a life well lived without a filter.
The feel: Cheering from the stands: you go, girl!
If this account was a strain: Glass Slipper


The look: The organized chaos of a creative mind served on a platter.
The feel: You don’t have to try to be cool when you’re just cool. Cool?
If this account was a strain: Head Cheese


The look: Femme fatale.
The feel: Love thyself, love one another, and definitely love this weed.
If this account was a strain: Honey Bananas

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