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Learn | 04.28.2022

New PAX Campaign Features The Hardworking Women Behind The Scenes Of Our Industry

"More Flower" calls for more women in cannabis roles.

If cannabis communities and companies want to show that the plant is truly for everyone, it’s only fitting to reflect that through equitable hiring and opportunity.

In honor of Women’s History Month and the recent International Women’s Day on March 8, one brand is paying tribute to the many hardworking women in our industry with a vibrant and magazine cover-like photoshoot/campaign.

Photo courtesy of PAX

Pax wanted to give women in cannabis a special kind of campaign that could be similar to what you’d see on the cover of fashion magazines. Among the models, which all make up the foundation of our cannabis space, are brilliant and colorful props that highlight each editorial-like pose and movement.

The campaign is called “More Flower,” and according to PAX, the women in the shoot are the true core of industry business operations, “the budtenders, the brand builders, the artists, the educators, the innovators, the activists, the partakers,” reports Adweek.

While shining a spotlight on their many accomplishments in the canna workplace, PAX’s senior director of brand marketing, Lauryn Livengood, spoke with Adweek about how “Women have been an important backbone of this industry since day one.”

Photo courtesy of PAX

She continued that women are finally being seen throughout the industry, “from cultivation to product development to medical use to advocacy and beyond, helping to build it from the ground up.”

One core issue that doesn’t sit well with Livengood is how women are often underrepresented, especially in executive roles and entirely women-owned cannabis businesses. While they do exist, it’s a given that our industry is still inequitably male-dominated.

Since young Generation Z women are making up for most cannabis sales in North America, PAX’s campaign hopes to inspire these young ladies to continue educating themselves on the plant and go after opportunities to make good use of it through internships and jobs.

Photo courtesy of PAX

Within the photoshoot, we see the following faces, some familiar, pose as the poster-children for women in cannabis;

  • Michelle Mendoza, vice president of innovation at Sweet Flower dispensaries in Los Angeles
  • Ophelia Chong, founder of Asian Americans for Cannabis Education
  • Paizley Bishop, founder of Peach Honey CBD
  • Tyler Rae Edwards, content creator and advocate, also known as “Bad Muthapuffa.”

Senior director of marketing, Livengood, concluded in her conversation with Adweek that “Our hope with this campaign is to give visibility to those living life out loud and shaping cannabis today, and to inspire more women to join the movement.”

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