The phrase “life hack” has been thrown around the internet a lot because everyone wants to do things bigger, faster and better! You can improve the way you do things as well by starting with these five weed hacks that will optimize your high.

1. Weed-themed music playlists

5 easy weed hacks ci 1 5 Super Easy Weed Hacks To Optimize Your High
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There are so many music playlists out there to listen to on the web. You don’t even need a personal iPod anymore. Figure out how to save the URLs in your browser and you’ll never be without good music to play off your Amazon Echo or Sonos PLAY:1 speaker again.

There are plenty of cool stoner playlists here at the Stoner’s Cookbook as well.  Check out this Top 20 Reggae List for starters.

2. Electric Sheep

5 easy weed hacks ci 2 5 Super Easy Weed Hacks To Optimize Your High
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If you need a “go to” stoner visual background try Electric Sheep online and just let that baby run. These psychedelic visuals called “sheep” just warp and change constantly, always recreating and even improving on themselves.

Try casting a vote if you like a certain sheep so the program or server knows to make it more popular for all its online viewers all over the world. You can watch recorded shows on YouTube or download the program on your laptop and computer. Cable and DSL are recommended for best viewing.

3. Pipe Cleaning

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Sometimes your pipe can get way dirty. If your pipe or carb is full of black stuff and you don’t feel like taking a paper clip to it try a traditional pipe cleaner to make your glass look like glass again.

Als,o try a solution of alcohol. You can use the alcohol outright to get the black gunk off. Be sure to follow up with a pipe cleaner after. It’s been said you should let the pipe dry so the alcohol evaporates.

4. CDs

5 easy weed hacks ci 4 5 Super Easy Weed Hacks To Optimize Your High
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You already use them for coasters so why not put it under your bowl to pick up unnecessary weed spillage? Then you can also hold it over the bowl so no weed falls out. Jeez these things are handy.

5. Munchies rescue

5 easy weed hacks ci 5 5 Super Easy Weed Hacks To Optimize Your High
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They say you should smoke up before you eat your meal for maximum satisfaction, but what if you forgot to go to the grocery store and you need a feeding frenzy fast? Ordering from restaurants online is easy as pie nowadays.

There are many “restaurant runner” type delivery services out there in every city and town. You can order any type of food and have it delivered straight to your home. Even McDonald’s if you want it! Try the company GrubHub for starters.

Also, don’t forget you can just call your fav restaurant directly or order off their website. For example, ordering Pizza Hut or Dominoes online can be pretty entertaining for everyone involved when you’re stoned off your a**! Give it a shot.