You’ve been there before. You come home after a long day of work, ignore the mountain of laundry in the corner and your empty fridge and gladly plant yourself on the couch to unwind; you pull out your piece, only to find you are two puffs away from being completely dry. The last thing you want to do is get back into your car (or worse hop on a crowded bus or train) and make the trek to your local dispensary.  Well, if you live in California, you’re in luck.

The age of innovation

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Innovative startups have created services to make every aspect of your life easier and more convenient.

In California, you can get almost anything with an iPhone and an internet connection: Good Eggs delivers the farmers market without the crowds, Rinse does your laundry on-demand, Headspace offers guided mindfulness and meditation exercises with the tap of a button, and Zeel will deliver a masseuse right to your door for a stay-at-home spa day.

But of all the tech savvy services we’ve heard of, Meadow – California’s cannabis concierge – took the (medicated) cake.

Meadow brings the on-demand lifestyle to cannabis

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Meadow is a California start-up merging cannabis with on-demand technology. It was the first cannabis company to come out of the world’s most powerful startup incubator, Y-Combinator, the birthplace of Airbnb and Dropbox.

The motto of Y-Combinator is “Make Something People Want’ – and with services like and Meadow MD, they do exactly that.

So how exactly is Meadow bringing on-demand to cannabis?

Your cannabis, delivered

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Meadow’s delivery service, – known as the ‘Uber of Weed’ – lets you get all your favorite cannabis products delivered to your door in under an hour. California patients can view up-to-date menus of local dispensaries and order on-demand from a desktop or mobile device.

The best part? It’s FREE. That’s right, there are no delivery or service fees, so you will pay the same amount to have your meds delivered to your door as you would if you drove to a dispensary, waited in line, and purchased the products there.

Your local dispensary, delivered

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Rather than competing against your beloved local dispensary, Meadow partners with dispensaries and delivery services to bring their full product menu to you.

That means the widest available selection of your favorite flowers, tinctures, capsules, edibles, concentrates, vaporizers, topicals and more delivered to your door.

Your doctor, delivered

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Meadow MD, a telemedicine service, lets you connect to a doctor over online video chat to get your medical marijuana recommendation. The service has already connected thousands of patients across California with physicians from the comfort of home for Evaluations or Renewals.

If Adult Use Legalization passes in California on November 8th, you’ll still need a med card to purchase cannabis until 2018 – so don’t forget to renew your card!

Reliability and service, delivered

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In our tech-enabled world, sometimes we feel vulnerable to the data we share, the people behind the tech that we are connecting with, and the quality of goods being sold.

With Meadow, you don’t have to worry: All patient documents are securely stored. Deliveries are made by patient consultants from your local dispensary, who pride themselves on timeliness and discretion; they even throw in an extra goodie or two if it’s your first time ordering.

Plus, all products are coming from your trusted local dispensaries and delivery services to guarantee consistency and quality.

Your cannabis lifestyle has officially been securely streamlined

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Let’s face it, we want things when and where we want them and most of the time that means right NOW! Consumers, like you, and companies like Meadow are creating what is called the “on-demand” economy.

Sure, it may be a little spoiled; but the world we live in today is busy, stressful, and at times downright confusing. So when you find anything that saves time, cut costs, brings value, and enhances your high why would your initial reaction be anything other than “Sign Me Up!!

Have a question or want to just talk to the good folks at Meadow about cannabis? Follow them on Facebook or Twitter and drop them a line.

Have you ever have to go to three different dispensaries to find the right product? Or encounter a line comparable to Disney Land on a Saturday? If you’re a regular consumer, we know you have a funny, interesting and/or distressing dispensary trip story to share with us. Please tell us in the comments below!
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