Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, here’s how one person can get high in 100 different ways, smoking out of everything from a baguette to a tampon.

100 different ways to get high

Do you think you can do this?

That is the question most people reading this would like to hear. But it was Ella, the test subject who would smoke in a 100 ways, who was lucky enough to be asked that.

Although, the real question is, will Ella survive?

Spoiler: she does.

In honor of 420, WatchCut Video – the team who also produced the classic People Smoke Weed on a Blind Date – asked Ella to get high in 100 different ways, using pipes, bongs, pieces of produce and edibles.

The shooting was done over the course of eight hours – ‘cause that’s the humane thing to do, of course, no matter how much of a smoker you think you are – and approximately 100 puffs, so there was definitely a lot of work put into this video.

It starts with Ella smoking a joint and also out of a soda can, two classics that almost every seasoned smoker would have also started with, which is quite apt.

From there, the pipes came out – a corn cob, one made of glass and even a grandpa pipe – before it’s on to the bongs, which is when the classics end and the more eclectic ways of smoking come out.

There are the props that are edible, such as a leek, avocado and even a block of cheese, and also things that held foods, such as a Pringles can. Of course, it is the foods that are the most interesting, as seeing someone smoke through a slice of pizza is, well, something different.

But once the foods were done, it was the miscellaneous objects that came out, like a hose, a shoe and, let’s not forget, a tampon.

Now, Ella, don’t you know that it’s puff, puff, pass?