Are you looking to enhance your makeup supply by adding a little 420 to the bunch? If so, then the Hot Box Collection from Melt Cosmetics is everything you need. In fact, this beauty box is as stoner-friendly as it gets. From iridescent Merry Jane lipstick to glittery Ganja eyeshadow, this kit comes with all the right tools to create a bold look. Oh, and if a babe like Rihanna is a fan, then you know it has to be good.

Melt Cosmetics’ Hot Box Collection

Melt Cosmetics Hot 1 Melt Cosmetics Is What Every Stoner Queen Needs In Their Life
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Ladies and gentlemen. As you know, one can never own too much makeup. With that said, there’s yet another collection that you must get your hands on, like right now. If your makeup supply is in desperate need of some 420 vibes, then look no further than the Hot Box Collection by Melt Cosmetics.

It doesn’t get much stoner-friendly that this kit right here. And it comes with all the right things to create a look that will be sure to turn heads. Just ask Rihanna, who just so happens to be a huge fan.

Before we dive in, feast your eyes on Lora Arellano, CEO of Melt Cosmetics, who is rocking eyeshadow and lipstick that will come inside your beauty box,

That could be you, just saying. Moving on to what’s inside, we will start with the lipsticks. You don’t get one, but two: Mary Jane, which is iridescent, and Cherried, a matte. On top of that, you get three lip liners: Santeria, Kink, and Edible. Before you get your hopes up, the last one isn’t actually edible. Sorry, dude.

You may or may not get a bowl, too

Melt Cosmetics Hot 2 Melt Cosmetics Is What Every Stoner Queen Needs In Their Life
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Aside from the lipstick and lip liners, you also get the Haze Stack, which includes four sparkly eyeshadows: Haze, Bogart, Indica, and Ganja. And last, but certainly not least, it comes with four eyeliners: Bloodshot, 420, 818, and Rx Queen. That’s all folks, as far as makeup goes anyway.

That’s all folks, as far as makeup goes anyway. But hang tight, there’s still more. It seems as though the collection comes with a little something extra. Something you may or may not be able to put your bud inside. Check this out,

If you think that’s a pipe that you’re seeing, then you are correct. Based off Lora’s Instagram, you’ll also be getting a bowl along with your makeup. For free! However, the website doesn’t say that the kit comes with one, so who knows. Maybe it’s meant to be a surprise?

The collection made its debut back in July. Now, lucky for you, it’s on sale. Initially, all these goodies cost $232. But the price has dropped down to $200, so be sure to snatch them up while you can.