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Learn | 01.19.2022

3 Pipes For Music Lovers

Prepare to jam. Creates with Fat Buddha Glass.

For true music lovers, we present three great pipes that you must have in your collection.

They are pipes inspired by the greatest artists in the history of rock represented in pipes with unique designs that additionally provide unparalleled smokes. 

Jimi Hendrix USA Sherlock

This sherlock hand pipe is inspired by the incredible and unique Jimi Hendrix.

A little history: He received his first guitar at 15 and taught himself to play by watching and learning from experienced artists. He was one of the most influential and celebrated guitarists in history.

Sadly, in 1970 he tragically succumbed to the infamous 27 Club. Without a doubt, he was and still is a rock legend. 

The Jimi Hendrix USA hand pipe is hammer style. Made of thick hand-blown borosilicate glass.

Its measurements are 6″ or 15.24 cm. This pipe has a deep blue tone with a unique design that includes the US flag and the iconic image of Jimi Hendrix with his guitar. It also has a white Famous Brandz star on the stem. 

It is an ideal pipe for long and deep drafts as it has a relatively large bowl, which fits a lot of grass, plus its price is only $39.99. This pipe also has a large choke on the left side, which helps regulate the airflow and makes your hit smoother.

The pipe’s classic mouthpiece provides a pleasant draw and is ergonomic for smoking.

Guns N' Roses Cross Hammer Pipe

The Guns N’ Roses Cross Hammer Pipe is a 5” hammer pipe featuring iconic images of the incredible rock band. The hammer pipe is made of the highest quality borosilicate glass, so it’s thick and durable.

It measures only 5 inches or 12.7 cm. Its handy size makes it portable and versatile.

It has a deep bowl, which can hold large amounts of herb or small amounts; it’s your choice. It has a left side choke to help regulate airflow. The mouthpiece has a broader tip to break up the smoke and provide a smoother hit.

This great pipe has a unique design inspired by the iconic features of the famous rock band. Its bright white background contrasts beautifully with the calligraphy of the band’s name on the stem, as well as the distinctive rose on the mouthpiece.

To top it off, the design of this powerful pipe features the classic Guns N’ Roses cross with portraits of the band members in skulls. 

For fans, admirers, collectors, or anyone who enjoys a high-quality pipe that provides powerful smokes, this is the right choice.

Plus, it’s a real gem for only $39.99.

Jimi Hendrix Glass Pipe

Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest guitarists in the history of rock music worldwide. We know he left behind an everlasting legacy and secured his place as a rock legend.

The Jimi Hendrix hand pipe is made of thick hand-blown borosilicate glass. At only 4 inches in length, it fits perfectly in the hand and is portable and easy to carry. 

Its design is unique. It has a piercing white background that blends perfectly with the U.S. flag and the iconic image of the rock legend holding his guitar. It is also adorned with the classic black Famous Brandz star on the mouthpiece.  

In terms of functionality, it has a deep bowl and a choke on its left side. The choke helps regulate the airflow and makes your hit smoother but powerful. 

The base of the pipe is flat, making it easier to put down and clean. The entire hand pipe can be easily cleaned with 99% alcohol or a quality pipe cleaner.

To top it off the Jimi Hendrix hand pipe is an unbeatable value at only $19.99.

Additionally, it comes packaged in a box with a multi-color design that includes an image of the artist.

Undoubtedly a piece for true rock lovers and fans.

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