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Learn | 01.28.2022

3 Things To Love About Indoor Cannabis

Here's why indoor is the go-to weed for many. Created with Stiiizy.

If you are new to the cannabis space, you might face many new terms and options. That and the industry’s growth make it a little harder for returning cannabis users to understand all the concepts.

With legal cannabis, you might find terms like CBD, Delta 8, CBN, or terms like indoor and outdoor-grown cannabis. These last two tend to be a little challenging to deal with, as cannabis culture in the past leaned on the sketchy side, with the more, the better.

Let’s start by checking these two concepts out and why indoor-grown cannabis could be your new go-to.

The key thing to remember about indoor and outdoor cannabis is how they are grown. While one has a controlled environment and indoor factors, the other is developed in specialized fields under the sun and typical weather.

One brand that produces superior indoor cannabis is the Cali-based Stiiizy. With dozens of strains available, each one hand-picked and grown in state-of-the-art facilities, we guarantee you’ve not experienced something like that yet.

In this article, we’ll explore the three key features of indoor-grown buds and basically why we love and prefer the top-shelf experience that indoor nugs can provide.

Cleaner Buds

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

The thing about indoor growing is control. What makes indoor cannabis so different from outdoor is how the cultivation process enhances the quality of the flower. 

Cultivating flowers through a controlled climate, watering, and lighting in a greenhouse protects the herb from external factors.

What kind of external factor? Well, outdoor-grown cannabis tends to be affected by pests, climate change, or other environmental effects. These may result in potency changes, mainly in the flavor and cannabinoids quality of your bud.

Another important thing is the use of pesticides. The use of these chemicals to counter bugs and other pests may also result in loss of potency, flavor, or even ingesting the chemicals while consuming the nugs, which is not recommended.

Indoor growth implies a cleaner environment for the plant. As everything, including the soil, is controlled, there’s barely any chance for bugs or illness to affect the hemp plant while it grows.

This is beneficial to the quality of the plant, as you’ll need fewer flower to get more high. This might sound weird, as the cannabis culture comes from the belief that more weed is better, but as quality and testing have increased, having denser and cleaner buds help to create a more enjoyable experience.

By having cleaner buds and flowers in their growing process, their size is also affected. Most indoor flowers are significantly smaller than their outdoor counterparts.

The smaller nugs, though, tend to be denser in their stem and the outdoor’s big buds, which result in a higher trichome density.

Higher Trichome Density

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

The trichome density might be one of the indoor buds’ most prominent visual cues. Buds are smaller, closer to the light source and its controlled environment.

It essentially means that the flower looks more colorful yet smaller than its outdoor counterpart.

What the higher trichome density means, though, is that the shiny THC crystals that form in the cannabis buds will be a lot more present, resulting in stronger potency and better cannabinoid output. 

In simpler words, as the bud is denser, the cannabinoids present will be stronger, and your high will be far more enjoyable.

While outdoor plants are subject to external elementals that damage the trichome crystals, that might be why you would need more bud to get higher. 

So one of the benefits of indoor buds is getting higher with less smoke, being lighter on the lungs, and in the quantity of cannabis to get a better experience.

Maximized Flavors

Photo courtesy of Stiiizy

This is where it gets interesting. Cannabinoids and their profiles intensify by the sun, so the indoor strains tend to be a lot more flavorful by having controlled lighting and temperature.

When indoor nugs are a lot more aromatic compared to outdoor strains, their terpene profile is a lot more noticeable. So if you have a favorite sort of strain, you might want to look into the indoor variant, as the profile will be a lot more present.

That being said, most terpenes that exist in the flowers are volatile. This means they will evaporate if they are not cured and dried properly, resulting in bland strains (even when grown indoors).

This is why the curating and drying process is as essential as growing. Most indoor growers will have the utmost care of their curating process to have the highest quality terpene and strains. 

So that the premium quality of indoor carries over, it is crucial to have an excellent curating process to enjoy the flavors and potency better. Most indoor brands will also have a high-quality curating process, but I’d look at the brand’s curating process before buying.

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