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A History Of The Cola Soda: From Pharmacies To THC

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Cola is defined as a brown carbonated drink flavored with kola nut extract, giving it its distinct taste.

When we say cola, you probably think of Coca-Cola or even Pepsi Cola, but it’s because of Coca-Cola’s strategic marketing campaigns that we associate the brown fizzy drink with the world-renowned brand.

On May 8, 1886, it all started when pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton sold the first Coca-Cola glass at Jacob’s Pharmacy in downtown Atlanta.

The beverage was very successful in its first year (for the time), which sold about nine drinks a day. Cola was also advertised as a pain-reliever for headaches, which is why Pemberton sold it in pharmacies as a medicinal product.

But what made cola so popular, and why did so many customers return?

You can thank the coca leaves for that, which was a core ingredient inside coca-cola that added a certain amount of cocaine.

Along with caffeinated kola nuts, this pairing gave cola its stimulative effect and probably got some people addicted.

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Because the drink was so heavily advertised as a stimulant, the public saw it as a “healthy tonic.”

In other, more positive news, sustainability has always been an important factor for the world-renowned cola company.

These topics include water sustainability, women empowerment, community well-being, sustainable packaging, climate protection, human and workplace rights, and sustainable agriculture.

Cola syrup was also sold over the counter as a dietary supplement to relieve an upset stomach.

Once the company reached its 50th anniversary, the beverage was seen as a core part of the country’s drinking habits and quickly reached icon status.

In 1935, Coca-Cola was certified kosher by Atlanta rabbi Tobia Geffen, who was the first person outside of the company to see the product’s top-secret list of ingredients once the company began facing backlash from the Jewish community concerning Coke’s kosher status.

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As we know today, Coca-Cola has zero amounts of cocaine, which was banned from its ingredient list in 1929.

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