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The Best Products To Try This 4th Of July

It's the 4th of July weekend and it's time to celebrate. And what a better way to do it than with some weed! Here are our recommended products for your celebrations!

It’s America’s Independence Day and what better way to celebrate than by picking up some amazing weed products for the weekend?

We searched for the best cannabis products out there that will help us celebrate a much-needed holiday party. Gather your friends and family and share in the celebration of America’s Independence and freedom to smoke weed, in most states.

CLSICS Live Rosin

Photo courtesy of CLSICS

When hearing the name CLSICS, what comes to mind? If you are thinking full-spectrum or live rosin then you would be correct. Understanding the purity that comes with CLSICS is quite simple. The only ingredients that go into every pre-roll and edible are weed, ice, water, heat, and pressure. That’s it.

CLSICS is the perfect way to celebrate your stoned independence. Known for their pre-rolls, you cannot go wrong having these little party favors for your favorite people, or be as selfish as you please. Either way, you choose you will not be disappointed with CLSICS infused live rosin pre-rolls.    

Five CBD's THC + CBD Products

Photo courtesy of Five CBD

Another for the full-spectrum family. If you prefer to stay a little more alert this Independence Day, Five CBD is the only way to go. Best of the best for all your CBD needs. This will probably come in handy by keeping you energized for throwing a lavish cookout in your backyard or if you simply need a break from it all. You’ve got options.  

Of course, only for this lovely weekend, you can even get some awesome deals! Let’s be real who doesn’t like free sh*t? Five CBD offers a huge selection of 5:1 CBD products such as capsules, tinctures, and gummies. With Five’s way of going directly from the field, you can enjoy powerful goodies that make you and your wallet feel good. Thank me later.

Use LIT at checkout and get a free bottle of Daily Buzz gummies (5 mg THC/piece) with your purchase and during the weekend use BUZZER for a BOGO on them!

Wild Hemp Wraps

Photo courtesy of Wild Hemp Wraps

There is no better way to celebrate America’s independence than by rolling up and smoking a blunt! That is why we recommend Hemp Wraps by Wild Hemp to help you party this Fourth of July.

Wild Hemp have been pioneers in the smokable hemp game ever since they invented the first CBD cigarettes in the world. What we like about Wild Hemp is that they actually study how smokers behave and have fun, then incorporate all of that research into their design process.

They found that one of the most frustrating steps in the blunt smoking experience is rolling the blunt, and the most frustrating part about rolling a blunt is getting the wrap to properly stick and close once filled. That is why they cut one side of their wraps with a waved-edge pattern, which makes it so much easier to lick and stick your hemp wrap around your herbs. I can fit so much more in these hemp wraps, just because I can close it at the end with ease.

Also, the flavors that the Wild Hemp wraps come in are perfect compliments for your Fourth of July barbecue, beer, or buds! Original is their most popular, and perfect if you want to really taste the flower you are smoking. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try their Sweetz flavor; and if you are obsessed with sour, their Limeade will instantly become your favorite.

They even have a couple of flavors dedicated to this summer season: Island Twist and Tropical Buzz. You can check out the rest of their flavors and more about their hemp wraps on their website linked in the first paragraph.

Linx Apollo Dabber

Photo courtesy of Linx Vapor

The Linx Apollo all-in-one dabber is the best concentrate vape of 2021. The Apollo is, in our opinion, Linx Vapor’s highest achievement to date. Why? It works as two dabbing devices in one: It can vape weed extracts as an e-nail on most bongs, dab rigs, and water pipes. For puffing extracts on the go, the Linx Apollo comes with its own stylish mobile bubbler.

Both amateur and die-hard dabbing devotees can dig the Linx Apollo’s specs, too. The all-quartz heating chamber distributes heat evenly, maximizing vape production while preserving precious concentrates.

The Linx Apollo features four preset temperature settings, so hits range from flavorful, terpene-rich microdoses to ghost-facing full-on cloud-nines. The Linx Apollo’s sleek black carrying case offers a few additional goodies. In it, you get a dab tool, cleaning brush, USB charging cable, carb cap, silicone airflow regulator, and — our favorite accessory — a male water pipe adapter that fits 14mm and 18mm stems.

In other words, the Linx Apollo could replace any of the conventional bowls sitting in our favorite rigs. Linx vapor is running a site-wide sale, including the advanced and popular Linx Apollo. Linx vapor doesn’t run sales often, so don’t wait, run! Remember to check out their other top-selling Linx vaporizers for dry herbs and concentrates. Linx Vapor is a SoCal-based vaping brand with a mission to create and develop the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Providing every customer with a product that focuses on flavor and health has become the standard of Linx Vapor. Their cannabis line of vaporizers has landed many top awards by leading industry media such as Forbes, High Times,  Gizmodo, Leafly, and Herb.

Flow Kana Sungrown Flower

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

Small-batch, family-run, and independent farm ecosystem, definitely a winner. Flow Kana empowers and prioritizes the leading craft farmers of Northern California. It doesn’t take a lot to grow cannabis, but to go above the standards is where the love comes into the craft. Exceptionally high terpenes give you the full spectrum experience.

Flow Kana believes only in sustainable sun-grown cannabis, can’t wrong there. They even have new more detailed labels so you can learn all you need to know about your little bud.

If I may suggest, the Sative Banna Cake is perfect for after all those hot dogs, burgers, chicken legs, steaks, corn, pie, and ice cream. Maybe toss in a salad and smoke some dope-tasting weed with the high potency to really enjoy watching the night sky get as lit as you are. 

Ganja Vacations

Photo courtesy of Ganja Vacations

Ok so not the product you would expect to see on this list, but how can you not want a Ganja Vacation? That’s right we are going to Jamaica! Well, maybe not today, but this is definitely on the list for favorite vacation spots. Getaway this weekend, or any really, to the motherland of the ganja.

Not only can you plan to stay at some stoner-friendly resorts, but you can also go on weed tours! How dope is that? Visit a ganja house and try some of the greatest herbs you will ever encounter. Ganja Vacations is the perfect way to celebrate literally anything, Go alone. Make it a Friendsgiving getaway. Or expand your family’s minds.

Melanin Hemp Goddess

Photo courtesy of Melanin Hemp Goddess

Smoke in style with help from The Melanin Hemp Goddess Shop. Each product is carefully selected with women and wellness in mind. Their goal is to help women of color everywhere elevate their self-care with stylish, functional, and easy-to-use smoke supplies and accessories like our goddess blunt rings and cannagar rose petal pre-roll cones.

The Melanin Hemp Goddess blunt rings are designed to easily hold a blunt or joint without burning your fingers or nails. Their organic rose petals cones are slightly cured to maintain the flavor and easy to use and burn slow and steady. Feel like you’re on mount Olympus with some goddess-level self-care. Light a candle, fill up a bubble bath, then add your favorite herbal blend to a rose petal cone, lastly attach the cone to a goddess blunt ring to keep your joint dry while you relax.

Melanin Hemp Goddess wants to help women of color manage the stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia, and other afflictions women face daily. They’re here to provide a one-stop shop for women that are ready to tap into their inner goddess and discover the uses of plant medicine. Smoke like a goddess and learn more on their website here.

Hemp Of The Rockies CBD Topicals

Photo courtesy of Hemp of the Rockies

Lotions and balms and body oils, oh my! Hemp of the Rockies has done it once again. Bringing only the best of the best full spectrum CBD balms, Joint Juice is just as the name suggests, juice for the joint. An exclusive blend of organic ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. 

This would probably make a great gift for the grill master of the family. Keep those wrists comfortable and keep the grill packed. With 500 mg per ounce, this balm will also be helpful for those knee pains after a long day of turin’ up with the fam.  

Gemstick Rolling Papers

Photo courtesy of Gemstick

Let’s keep walking down CBD lane to find something I didn’t think was a thing. OG CBD Gemstick, cones covered in 50 mg of pristine elite quality CBD. The Gemstick Infused Paper is coming to us from the future. So take notes and take tokes, because these hemp-derived papers will change the way you enjoy your best bud. 

Plus, hello. It’s a 5-pack, sharing is caring. This is an even greater way to enjoy the weekend. CBD-infused paper is the modernization we have been looking for. Finally, you can get more out of your joints with these one-of-a-kind papers.


Photo courtesy of XVAPE

Heading up to the vape world, I present to you XVAPE. Simple yet intricate, a new dab rig to add to the collection because no collection is complete without the Vista Mini 2. Yes, I know you’re probably wondering why this one stands out if it’s a mini. Judge me by my size, do you? Well, you’d be wrong to do so. It also has water diffusion. What? Yes, it’s an electronic travel-sized dab rig, another invention of the future.

This not-so-little vaporizer and dab rig is what will complete the perfect weekend. It is the perfect size to keep at your bedside table, on your desk at work (if you work from home that is), or leave it on the coffee table ready and packed for your next session. It’s also perfect for on-the-go oh and if you’re wondering, yes, it can be charged wirelessly… You read that correctly. Wireless charging. Enjoy!

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