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Learn | 04.21.2021

Boost Your Productivity With Herb’s New CBD Flower

We firmly believe that cannabis can be a great component of a highly productive lifestyle. That's why we created a product designed to do just that.

At Herb, we work every day to bring you the best in information, product reviews, and hot brands to check out. By doing this, we strive to normalize cannabis and change how society sees it and those who use it.

Unfortunately, a lot of people associate cannabis consumption with being lazy and unmotivated. We know this is not true, and it is our duty as energetic cannabis enthusiasts to prove them wrong. 

We want to show you how you can use cannabis to improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals. We could’ve just created an article explaining the wonders of cannabis and how it can help you be more productive. But that wouldn’t be enough. 

We decided to work with our friends at Botany Farms to release a cannabis product that helps you get shit done and can be a great way to supercharge your daily activities.

 Meet, Sour Lifter.

Expertly Crafted Flower

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

We chose Botany Farms as our partner because they provide a genuinely local craft experience that celebrates the natural goodness of cannabis. From quality and diversity to price and service, Botany Farms is in a league of its own. 

Lab-tested, hand-selected, and greenhouse-grown in the Oregon countryside, our Sour Lifter is sure to make you smile. A beautiful mix of cannabinoid-packed bright green nugs and orange hairs with diesel and fruity aromas; this strain is as flavorful as it is uplifting. 

From the first inhale, you will feel the invigorating effects that make Sour Lifter the ideal go-to strain for productivity.

Your Coffee's Best Friend

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

The 17.3% CBD of Sour Lifter, combined with the trademark effects of true Sativas, make this a smooth and energizing bud that you can enjoy right at the start of your day. That, coupled with its delightful fruity scents, makes Sour Lifter an excellent pairing to a fresh cup of coffee.

Whether you need a strain that helps you start your day with the right foot or a pick-me-up smoke for those afternoon blues, Sour Lifter is the perfect bud to help you let go of stress and focus on your daily duties.

The body and mind will feel lighter, allowing you to focus on multiple tasks without feeling any mental fatigue. It will increase your energy levels while giving off a relaxing feeling, making it a great go-to for social gatherings.

Soothe Your Mind, Please Your Senses

Sour Lifter will make you feel as if you’ve been hit with a blast of invigorating fresh air. It will ease your mind and lift your spirits, putting you in the perfect mood to take on whatever the day brings. By easing out your day and heightening focus, you’ll be all smiles.

This strain is jam-packed with terpenes, giving it a fantastic aroma and smooth finish. Featuring pungent sweet grape and diesel notes with citric undertones, Sour Lifter is a true delight to your palate. These buds make your mouth water just from their smell. Once you try it, you’ll never forget it.

Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

The robust terpene profile of our Sour Lifter makes it great for medical users thanks to its multiple therapeutic properties that wonderfully complement its CBD Sativa effects.

Its high myrcene concentration provides an anti-inflammatory and sedative effect. With a Caryophyllene-rich profile to support mental clarity and physical comfort, one puff can lift your spirits, helping you stay calm and carry on.

Alpha-Pinene is responsible for the energy and focus boosting sensations, while Limonene has mood-improving properties that offer fast relief of stress and anxiety through a tranquilizing effect.

Sour Lifter is your happy-go-lucky friend, a bud that takes the edge off and leaves you smiling. Focused and ready to take on the next challenge.

Epic Sativa Heritage

Bred by Oregon CBD, Sour Lifter comes from a lineage of two all-time favorite Sativas – Lifter and Sour Diesel. Our Sour Lifter pays homage to its iconic ancestors with its energizing effects, mind soothing properties, and rich aromas. 

Lifter, named after the uplifting effects it delivers, became an instant CBD flower favorite used by many as a daytime, refreshing smoke. It is praised by many for providing a feeling of well-being and that extra oomph of confidence that helps you have a stress-free day.

Then there’s Sour Diesel – a hard-hitting Sativa that is one of the most notable strains of all time. Famous for its potent cerebral high and creative boost, Sour Diesel is used by many to take on all kinds of tasks with extra focus and a heightened spirit.

Order Yours Now

Want to prove to the world that cannabis can be a part of a successful lifestyle? 

Get your Sour Lifter now and boost your focus and productivity while enjoying the delicious smoke that true craft cannabis delivers.

Find our limited edition Sour Lifter on Botany Farms’ website. Click here to get yours now!

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