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Learn | 08.23.2022

Do People Really Benefit From Microdosing Psychedelics?

Discussing this common form of self-medicating and if it's actually beneficial for us.

There are countless reasons why people choose to use cannabis.

Whether you’re looking for some recreational fun or want to make use of the plant’s vast therapeutic properties, cannabis offers something beneficial for all of us.

I prefer to use weed to reduce my anxiety and help put me in a more positive and optimistic state of mind. Knowing I struggle with anxiety, I thought microdosing a psychedelic could help.

If you’ve ever considered this popular form of self-medicating, you’re not alone. It’s becoming increasingly popular as psychedelic substances continue to shift into the mainstream.

What Is Microdosing?

Instead of taking a full dose of whatever substance you prefer, microdosing calls for taking a literal microdose of what you’d normally take for a full-on trip.

Let’s discuss psilocybin mushrooms, for example. The common dose for a complete psilocybin trip is about 3 grams. A proper microdose of dried mushrooms is about 0.1-0.3g, which often makes the user feel;

  • Optimistic
  • Carefree
  • Able to focus better
  • Mental and physical ease
  • Increased motivation

But you don’t just have to microdose with psilocybin. I even microdose with weed from time to time, hitting a teenie bowl to help lift the mood without feeling stoned.

The most common reason why people microdose is to combat lingering health issues, mental or physical. But does it actually work? Let’s see what the research says.

Can Microdosing Actually Help?

A study published in the journal of Psychopharmacology surveyed international individuals to verify whether or not microdosing could improve mental health while reducing substance use disorders.

The survey asked respondents;

  • If they microdose for therapeutic reasons
  • What their outcomes were

1,102 participants responded with their answers;

  • 57% said they had been diagnosed with a mental illness
  • 39% said they microdose to improve their mental health
  • 85% had tried other medications and tried counseling before microdosing
  • 21% microdose to help combat depression
  • 7% said they microdose to relieve anxiety
  • 9% used psychedelics for other mental illnesses
  • 2% microdose to help improve substance use disorders

The study shared the following results;

  • 44% said their mental health improved significantly after microdosing
  • 50% said they could successfully lean off antidepressants
  • 40% said they could successfully lean off psychiatric medications
  • 19% said they did not experience any changes
  • 1.3% said that microdosing resulted in “somewhat worse” mental health

So, there is significant promise in terms of the benefits of microdosing. While some individuals didn’t obtain the experience they were looking for, the majority of the group experienced better mental health and fewer symptoms of their previously diagnosed disorder.

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