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Learn | 07.18.2022

Eight Ways To Enhance Your Hike With Cannabis

These tips are essential for the avid stoned hiker.

Who doesn’t love seshing in the great outdoors?

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than hitting a fresh joint on a mountain’s peak, overlooking the land and water beneath.

It’s a rejuvenating feeling we hope you’ll experience now that summer is well underway.

If you’re eager to hit the trails and smoke up amongst the trees, see our tips below on how to enhance your hike with weed.

Begin With A Sativa

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Should You Be Smoking Weed After Working Out?

Why not set up your hiking seshes to enhance your entire journey?

If you like variety, try smoking a Sativa strain before your hike and switching it up as you go.

An energizing Sativa is a great way to kick the mind and body into gear and focus on your physical tasks. You’ll be eager to get stomping.

Be Mindful

We encourage you to be mindful of others, especially kids and families when hiking and smoking weed.

This way, no one will give you weird looks or complain about your cannabis use if you’re doing it responsibly.

Find a discreet, empty area and spark up away from crowds to avoid unwanted attention.

Water, Water, And More Water

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By now, you’re probably aware that weed causes cottonmouth.

While it doesn’t cause dehydration, hiking and any physical activity can.

This means water is an essential part of your journey when smoking and hiking. Pack bottles in your backpack or grab a hiking backpack with a water bladder.

Know Your Limits

We don’t really mean your limits with cannabis, but your altitude limit without getting sick. Altitude sickness is a pain in the ass; it can also be life threatening.

This usually kicks in around 5,000-12,000 feet above level ground. Getting your body used to the altitude by controlling your breathing is one way to beat it.

Make sure to spend a few minutes getting comfortable at your altitude before sparking up.

But Seriously, Know Your Limits

Okay, maybe it’s important to know your limits with weed too. We all love hiking to a beautiful spot to plunk down for a sesh.

But this means you’ll need to walk back from your destination. If you’re bringing sleepy and relaxing strains, you might be a little too tired to walk back.

No matter the strain or variety you choose, we hope you know your limits for the sake of your enjoyment.

Plan For Emergencies

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The last thing you want during a peaceful hiking sesh is the appearance of a hungry bear.

Cannabis may alter your reaction time, but that aside, it’s important to leave trail markers or pins so you know how to get out in an emergency.

You could also bring a bear horn, bear spray, or other safety essentials. It’s better to be safe and high than sorry…and still high.


There’s no denying that the relaxing effects of cannabis can help us appreciate life’s moments.

This is especially true when basking in the sunshine and spending time in the great outdoors. When you reach your destination, take a hit and remind yourself of your accomplishments.

Allow nature and cannabis to help you see the bigger picture, what’s most important, and how you can become the best version of yourself.

Save Indicas For Last

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Now that you’re reaching the final stretch, it’s time to spark up with an Indica strain.

This way, you can relieve the body of its pain and discomfort while letting it relax from head to toe.

Indicas are also great for reflecting, meaning you can reflect on the beauty you saw and the moments you spent in nature.

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