Photo courtesy of Exxus Vape

Learn | 07.05.2021

Meet The Exxus Snap VV: Oil Vaping Made Simple (And Affordable)

What a name, a mouth full for such a compact device. The oil cartridge pen you’ve been looking for, stealthy with extensive battery life.

First Impressions

The initial thought of this little vape was just noticing how compact it is. The Exxus Snap VV comes in a variety of beautiful colors. The basics: Black, Red, Gold, and Silver. And the not-so-basic: RainBow, Gun Metal, Pearl White, Unicorn, Rouge, Vader, and my personal fave, Nebula.

It’s everything you’re looking for in a cartridge vaporizer and much more. Awesome functionality in a modern and sleek package. 

Photo courtesy of Exxus Vape

Since 2014, the Exxus Vape brand has been bringing to the world of vaporizers some amazing equipment. Since the beginning, this company has been listening to its customers and continually taking suggestions, thus the Snap VV was born.

What’s In The Box?

  • Exxus Snap 380 mAh battery
  • Micro USB cable
  • User manual
  • 1 large magnetic ring
  • 1 small magnetic ring
  • Glass Cartomizer


Photo courtesy of Exxus Vape

Let’s take a closer look at the Snap VV. Standing at a whopping almost 3 inches tall and a fat 1 inch wide, it fits perfectly in the bras, pockets, and bags of every occasion life throws your way. Its discrete size and lack of smell make it easy to smoke anywhere and everywhere. 

With about 12 seconds of preheating you can go from 320 – 410°F (160°C – 210°C) for that full flavor vapor combo. The 4 heat settings make it easy to play with flavor profiles. And of course, the 510 threading with magnetic adapters really leaves you with a lot of options. Whether you want to use your own oil or buy some new ones, you will most likely find a perfect fit every time.

What Is Variable Voltage?

The four voltage settings let you choose the high you want. This, to me, is a great way for beginners to find their ultimate comfort level without feeling awkward or coughing up a lung.

You can use this to enhance the flavor, intensity, smoothness, and hit of each hit. Each output is indicated by the light: red 4.0 V, yellow 3.8 V, green 3.6 V, and blue 3.4 V.

Remember the higher the voltage, the quicker it burns out, so keep an eye on your temperature.

How To Use The Exxus Snap

After unpacking any new vape you always want just give it a charge. This is the part where you’re supposed to read the manual but no one ever does. So here’s how it works.

First, remove the mouthpiece from the glass cartomizer. Then, load in your oil. It has been tested with e-juice at low temps, although very cool, not at all recommended. 

Next, pop that mouthpiece back on and attach the magnetic adaptor. Once you’re ready just slide the cartridge into the chamber and press the power button 5 times. Once on, press the button twice to preheat. The LED lights will change colors and stop letting you know it’s ready for vaping. You can press the power button at any time to stop the preheating. 

Lastly, press and hold the button, take a nice slow hit and enjoy the vape. Perfect for daily use and it’s comfortable while also being easily concealed.

In Conclusion

Overall, I’ve had my fair share of vaporizer batteries and so far this little guy has been sitting at the top of my favorites list. Its sleek, compact, increased performance, makes for a great on-the-go vape and it’s barely $40. Take any cartridge and just drop it in and then it’s ready. 

With this pocket-friendly vape, you are just 12 seconds away from a smooth ride. You’ll have the option between opaque clouds or a feast of flavors in your mouth, or you can settle somewhere in the middle.

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