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learn | 11.28.2019

Genius Taster: Welcome To The Future Of Smoking

Genius Pipe has crafted a Genius Taster, the domeless titanium nail that goes wherever you do. What will those geniuses think of next?

With the wonderful world of weed getting ever wider, smokers crave the best tech in town. Burning rips from cheap glass and hot pocket pipes don’t have to be part of the experience anymore. The sleekest and most sophisticated pipe in the world took cannabis to a whole new level, and now, it has gone even further.

The pitfalls of pocket pipes

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When taking one’s toking device everywhere is a must, those awkward bulges in the pants can be an embarrassing eyesore. And there are few things worse than having a bowl spill out before getting to enjoy it. But even if the ride goes smoothly, the hits from a small pocket piece burn the lungs and usually the lips as well.

But that all changed with the coming of the most ingenious cooling pipe to ever grace a smoker’s stash box. After perfecting state-of-the-art cooling systems for high power hard drives, one creative cannabis lover asked the age-old question, “What if I smoked weed through that?”

The Genius Pipe was born.

Pure Genius

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Traditional pipes blast hot hits straight into the lungs. Until recently, cooling the smoke meant filtering through water, losing flavor along the way. The Genius Pipe changed all that.

Deceptively small and thin, it delivers ultra smooth hits that remain rich in flavor. The smoke coming out is so smooth, and the draw so effortless, smokers can take incredibly huge hits, without coughing.

The secret is the patented cooling panel. Dimples on the surface increase the area that the smoke travels across. More surface contact means better heat transfer, cooling even massive rips in a minuscule amount of space. Those dimples also help pull tar and resins from the smoke, for a healthier smoking experience.

With a wafer-thin design, the three panels snap together or apart with ease, thanks to a magnetic rim. The top panel keeps the bowl contents secure and reduces odor escape. Slide it forward, or lift it off and slap it on the bottom, and the pipe is ready to go.

The Genius Taster

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Taking greatness even further, Genius Pipe has crafted the Genius Taster: a domeless titanium nail that magnetically integrates onto the pipe. Concentrate lovers can enjoy a more familiar dabbing experience, with the ease and cool, flavorful hits that only a Genius can provide.

The Genius Taster makes dabbing as easy as loading a bowl, even on the go! Leave the bulky dab rigs at home. Like the rest of the Genius Pipe, the Genius Taster takes seconds to clean, and stores discreetly for smokers with a mobile lifestyle.

The Genius Pipe may be deceptively subtle about its design, but it stands out in style. Aficionados can choose from an ever-growing gallery of unique color palettes and custom artwork to personalize their piece.

From the elegant to the brazen, patriotic to classic pinup, there is a design to suit any taste. This art isn’t delicate either. In fact, the Genius Pipe is virtually unbreakable!

So simple to use and clean, the most difficult aspect of the pipe is choosing which design to pair with the domeless nail or regular bowl experience. When science meets art, it’s a work of pure genius. Check out geniuspipe.com for more information.

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