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Herbworthy | 05.19.2022

Herbworthy Cannabis Trends To Watch This Month

From technology to climate change, here are the top industry trends for May 2022.

Something’s in the air nowadays, and it smells like weed.

But seriously, it seems like a new state or country is legalizing recreational cannabis each day.

With all the newly legal places to recreationally smoke worldwide, there are a ton of trends moving through the industry as consumers get to know what they like and want to avoid.

Stay in the know with the top industry trends this month.

Less Flower, More Edibles

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It’s no surprise that cannabis users are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional smoking. 

Flower sales in Canada are drastically declining as users opt for ingestible products;

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Beverages
  • Edibles

In the United States, beverages and prerolls are leading in sales as of January 2022.


The Global Industry Has Arrived

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Cannabis legality is popping up left and right.

The worldwide cannabis market has firmly established itself with impressive revenue year after year. The United States’ cannabis revenue will reach roughly $30 billion in 2022.

On a larger, worldwide scale, cannabis will soon surpass the craft beer industry when it reaches $47.6 billion by 2026.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out when more states and countries adopt recreational legalization.

Technology Is The Name Of The Game

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If recreational legalization in certain states has taught us anything, it’s that cannabis-centric technology is a hot commodity. 

Cannabis users are starting to put down the bong and pick up a long-lasting device with neat technological advancements. Take the Hitoki Trident, the world’s first and only laser bong. 

Similarly, rappers and cannasseurs like Wiz Khalifa have been using the Stündenglass Gravity Infuser. This neat device works as

  • A gravity bong
  • A food and beverage infuser
  • A hookah (an industry first)

Research Will Grow

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The main issue holding back scientists and researchers from studying cannabis is its federally illegal status. 

Research is scarce since the plant is still under the United States’ list of controlled substances. 

While there are many studies flying out of legal states and countries, we should expect tons more once new states hop on the legalization train. 

They have already made monumental findings, claiming that cannabis could have anti-cancer properties.

Recently, the NFL funded two universities with $1 million to examine if CBD has the potential to treat acute and chronic pain in players.

The Time To Invest Is Now

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Democratic and some Republican lawmakers are constantly writing up bills to 

  • Legalize cannabis
  • Decriminalize it
  • Help expunge the records of cannabis prisoners. 

There’s been no news on whether the recent MORE Act has survived in the Senate. This bill would decriminalize cannabis on a federal level. 

What does this mean for investments? There are tons of Cannabis ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that will likely boom once more markets tap into legalization. It’s safe to say there’s no better time to invest than now.

Climate Change Is No Joke

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All is fine and dandy until a tornado rips through a cultivation site. Might this prompt a shortage come summertime?

Maybe, but the key worry is that unpredictable weather patterns might leave cannabis cultivators scrambling.

Whether it’s the remnants of a hurricane, an early freeze, a west coast wildfire, or even drought, cultivators will have to take careful steps to ensure they have a plan B.

But one thing’s for sure; there’s always something new to come from the cannabis industry.

On the consumer’s side, you can trust that manufacturers and product engineers are working hard to ensure you receive the best experience with each product or device.

For the industry at large, we can only expect it to grow as more regions pick up recreational legalization.

But who’s next?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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