Herbworthy | 05.10.2023

Herbworthy: Melee Dose Delta 9 Gummies

Gummy diamonds that are true jewels for the senses

If there is one popular product in the cannabis industry, it’s gummies.

They come in all sizes, colors, flavors and cannabinoids available, so you can expect that there is quite a bit of competition and, therefore, it can be difficult to know which ones are really worth your time.

That’s why we’re excited to try the famous gummy diamonds from Melee Dose, a brand acclaimed for its creativity in the cannabis world, playfully combining exotic cannabinoids and an avalanche of flavors with amazing packaging.

As far as we know, their edible diamonds are an adventure in terms of texture, taste, and sensations, but will it be enough to earn the Herbworthy certification?

About Melee Dose And The Delta 9 Gummies

Melee Dose is a company that believes in the power of hemp THC and making it accessible online, without the hassle of visiting a dispensary or the need to have a medical marijuana card.

The Melee team believed that creating a new identity for edibles would be important to establish a new product in a saturated market.

The choice was clear: they decided that edible diamonds would symbolize the dedication to creating the ideal bite, combining rare cannabinoids, terpenes, flavor, texture, and sensation into crystallized perfection.

Get ready to elevate your taste buds with a touch of luxury and fun, because we were blown away by these flavorful and potent gummies.

Are The Delta 9 Gummies By Melee Dose Herbworthy Certified?

If we can put the experience in one word, it is: unique.

Melee Dose Delta 9 gummies in Blue Razz Runtz flavor are the result of the combination of the award-winning hybrid Zkittlez and Gelato, whose resinous buds provide a sensational effect of joy and euphoria. In addition, Melee Dose has created a handcrafted experience with its blue raspberry flavor, which undoubtedly took us on a journey of well-being, smoothness and energy.

Each bottle contains 30 gummies, with 5mg of Delta-9 THC per gummy, for a total of 150mg of Delta-9 THC per bottle.

These diamonds are true gems, and we’re not exaggerating. The taste is absolutely delicious, like a tropical raspberry blend that takes over the taste buds without being overpowering.

Now, as for the effects, we can only say: wow. Surprisingly we have felt euphoric but at the same time calm, in a perfect balance that we can only describe as cannabis nirvana.

With the above description, we think it’s clear that these Delta 9 Diamond Gummies deserve a perfect 5 in our rating.

For more information on how we rate products, check out our Herbworthy score chart. We rate edibles like gummies based on the following four factors:


  • Flavor

  • Ingredients

  • Safety

  • Efficacy


If you have the opportunity to get your hands on some Delta 9 diamond gummies from Melee Dose in Blue Razz Runtz flavor, don’t miss the chance. You will thank us later.

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