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How Do I Know My Cannabis Is Trustworthy? [Locating A Reliable Dispensary]

Forget about scheduling shady, late-night meetings with strangers (a.k.a. dealers) just to get our fix of weed. Getting high-quality weed has never been easier. Created with Caliva.

Photo courtesy of Caliva

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Most of us who are older than 25 or 30 years old remember the times when purchasing cannabis wasn’t as easy and convenient as it is today. In the past, there weren’t any official and legal dispensaries with a top-notch delivery service like Caliva (C10-0000441-LIC) that would provide high-quality weed that didn’t need to be checked by you personally.

Even more importantly:

We don’t have to schedule shady, late-night meetings with strangers (a.k.a. dealers) just to get our fix of weed. I personally didn’t like it because it felt like I was doing something bad, when in fact, I was doing it to bring some good into my life.

Tips To Identify Great Quality Cannabis

Nowadays we have the benefit of having clean dispensaries, tended by professionals who know exactly what it is they’re selling. Not only that, they can point you in the right direction based on what you need, even if you don’t know what you need yet.

That said:

These are some of the steps Caliva and other dispensaries take so you get only the very best cannabis in the market:


Photo courtesy of Caliva

You want to make sure your cannabis buds are green and healthy. You will find buds that are darker than others, but when they get too close to grey and brown, it could mean your cannabis is old, too dry, too moist, or perhaps contaminated with unwanted foreign substances.


Photo courtesy of Caliva

Of course, cannabis will smell like plants. But cannabis has a very specific and particular smell to it. If your flower does not smell like cannabis, then you probably have a poor-quality bud in your hands.


Photo courtesy of Caliva

Taste is also important. Each strain has a particular taste of its own, even though noticing the differences between one strain and another with taste takes some experience. Very much like wine. An inexperienced palate will probably taste nothing but smoke.

Visible Trichomes

Photo courtesy of Caliva

Trichomes are the crystals that lie on the surface of the cannabis flower buds, mainly on the surface of the leaves. Trichomes are important because they carry most of the cannabinoid content in cannabis. A trichome-heavy flower bud with visible crystals probably means you have high-quality weed.

Texture To Touch

Photo courtesy of Caliva

Trichomes come in the form of crystals, but once you touch them they feel almost like sap. This means a trichome-filled flower bud will feel sticky. Stickiness means higher quality, but too much stickiness might mean the flower has not been dried well.

Evaluating quality through texture requires a bit of experience as well, but sticky buds usually mean you’re good to go.

Only Flower

Photo courtesy of Caliva

Once cannabis is harvested, the flower buds are trimmed and cleaned of seeds and stems. You will always find a few stems that keep the nug together, but you always want to look for a higher quantity of flower and as few stems and seeds as possible.

This can be interpreted in two ways; the thicker the flower the better the crop or it can be looked at from a monetary standpoint, the last thing you want is to be paying for the weight of stems.

No Contaminants

Photo courtesy of Caliva

Much like seeds and stems, every so often you’ll run into a cannabis nug with dirt, dust, and even bugs. All things that don’t make for a pleasing smoking experience.

Lab Tested

Photo courtesy of Caliva

Serious cannabis brands always use third-party labs to test their product. This ensures that the composition of the cannabinoids in the flower is as advertised and that the product is safe to consume.

Who Is Caliva?

Photo courtesy of Caliva

Caliva started as a business in California with the intention of bringing the power of cannabis to the people who needed it in the community. The business began sometime around 2015 and snowballed into a purposeful venture to deliver natural, more sustainable wellness options that allow people to lead happier healthier lives.

The people at Caliva consider the dispensary more than a company. They are a solid group of co-workers who all strive to get the best out of the plants. In Caliva’s private crop, a shaman actually blesses their plants with good vibes every Wednesday. A practice that is a reflection of the heart and ethos of Caliva.

You may find Caliva products in over 200 dispensaries across California, including their exclusive retail location in San Jose and Deli by Caliva in Bellflower (Lic# C10-0000627-LIC). Not to mention they also offer free delivery from Gilroy to San Francisco, Central California, or Bellflower through East LA.


All of the points discussed above are things you won’t have to do yourself if you’ve managed to find a reliable dispensary like Caliva.

June 24, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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June 24, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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