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Learn | 05.13.2022

How To Avoid A Bad Trip

Here's how to make the most of each high.

It’s refreshing to see that psychedelic substances are finally becoming normalized. After all, different countries and states are starting to use them for therapeutic and medicinal purposes

While they’re not legal just yet, who’s to say you can’t experiment with a new substance to examine its benefits? At times, there’s only one thing holding curious individuals back from dosing on a psychedelic, the dreaded “bad trip.”

And this can mean different things to everybody. A bad trip could present itself as;

  • Wicked anxiety
  • Intense paranoia
  • Frightening visual/auditory hallucinations
  • Feeling “on edge”
  • Overthinking

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? You may have had a bad trip in the past, but for newbies looking to try a new substance, here’s how to avoid that. 

Partner Up

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One general rule of thumb for using psychedelics for the first time is taking them with friends. You could try them on your own, but it’s best to have a second pair of eyes to look over you just in case things go south.

Even if you’re both tripping, there’s something relieving about knowing your friend is going through the same experience. However, choosing which friends to trip with is pretty important.

Because psychedelics reveal your subconscious thoughts, you may notice feeling uncomfortable when tripping with someone you don’t entirely trust or like, for that matter.

We suggest grabbing your best buds, your ride or dies, and experiencing those life-changing moments with those who mean most to you.

Setting Is Key

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Now that your friends are ready to trip, it’s time to find your setting.

It may not seem that important, but your surroundings will directly impact how you feel when high. Some people find that staying inside makes them feel trapped. This is why tripping in the great outdoors is so popular.

Anyone who’s used a psychedelic can tell you that nature hits different when high. For example, you can notice trees moving as if they’re breathing, as well as most plants and living things.

You want to choose a setting where you’ll feel at your best, calm, and at peace. If that’s inside, go for it! It helps to stay in a visually-appealing setting to keep your eyes and mind busy.

Pick A Playlist

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Similar to how your setting is great for visual experiences, music is almost essential for your auditory experience. However, there are tunes you might love when sober but could trip you out when high.

We suggest making a playlist of the songs that help you calm down and feel at peace. These could be slow, ambient, and atmospheric tunes that promote mindfulness or meditation.

Go ahead and choose whichever genres you prefer, but be aware that “negative” music might make you feel, well, negative.

Music with a positive vibration and an overall feel-good sound is best for your psychedelic trips and will help you feel the groove more than ever before.

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Now that you’ve found the right people to trip with, talk with them about where you plan to take your substances.

While an indoor trip can be cozy, sometimes, you have enough energy to run a marathon. Wherever you choose to dose, just make sure it’s visually pleasing and entertaining enough to keep your high mind busy in a positive way.

Your favorite songs that offer positive and uplifting vibes make a huge difference if you really want a transcendent experience.

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